Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lock by Jack Brooks


This English style lock (circa 1790) was made recently by Jack Brooks.  Except for the cast cock, frizzen, and lock plate; all parts were handmade from scratch.  The lock plate has a semi-rain proof pan and is equipped with a sliding safety.  The frizzen spring has a roller and the tumbler has a stirrup linkage to the mainspring.  The tumbler and sear have anti- friction bearing surfaces.  The fly is hung in a slot in the center of the tumbler.  The triangular spring, between the leaves of the sear spring, bears on the sliding bolt of the safety and holds it in either locked or unlocked position.  All metal surfaces were hand filed and polished in the “London” tradition.  The lock plate, cock, and frizzen are engraved with a running leaf border as well as floral decorative designs in the English style.


Copy and photos supplied by Jack Brooks.

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