Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fowler Pouch by Calvin Tanner

These are some pictures of a Fowler Pouch that I just finished. It is based on a original that a friend has.  The original is the last photo. I added two pockets inside that is capable of holding tin’s for shot cards and cushion wads. Also, a knife sheath as the customer wishes to use it to shoot round ball.  The knife is by Tim Ridge. The pouch is constructed of bark tanned deer and instead of dew claws I used a hair on newborn calf hide. The lining is coarse linen dyed in walnut. The vent pick and brush set is completely handmade.  The chain is made of copper as is the vent pic.

Copy and photos supplied by Calvin Tanner.

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  1. Calvin, that is very well done. One of my favorite pouches is a belt pouch I got from you maybe 30 years ago



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