Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Edge of the Woods by Michael Galban

 "Within the Haudenosaunee tradition the "wood's edge" is a place of transition. It is a point where the world of your making is met with the uncertainty of the realms beyond. It is also where travelers are met and defined. A place where strangers are made into family. This "edge" will bring you into my small world - a place where the world of one Native American family will open up for you to share."

Michael Galban has started a blog "Edge of the Woods" where he will be discussing Native art. The February 2 post concerns paddles that he will be making while at Fort Niagara for a living history weekend. He has a wealth of illustrations for his reference. 

A Plan of the Inhabited Part of the Province of Quebec, James Peachey
The most well known Peachey image reveals three excellent examples of Native paddles. A fully painted monochromatic leaf-shaped paddle, and simple bulbed end paddles in the prow and in use.

image from the Codex Canadiensis by Fr. Louis Nicholas circa 1700

This is a blog worth adding to your list of favorites for Michael's insightful articles, illustrative reference materials and museum listing. 

Images from Edge of the Woods.


  1. Very cool... Looking forward to more from Michael's blog.

  2. This will be one of my early morning "ritual reads" Looks good, Thank you-Michael

    Scott Sibley


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