Friday, July 30, 2010

"Wild Willy" Frankfort Powder Horn

Photographed at the 2009 HCH Meeting by Jan Riser.

John Barrett Bag with Tim Ridge Knife

Excellent, well-aged bag by John Barrett. 10" x 7 1/2". This bag has a very attractive woven strap and the inside is lined with fabric. The knife, made by Tim Ridge, is carried in a sheath sewn to the back of the bag and is 9" overall with a 5" blade. It has a running fox cartouche. The knife is very handsome with antiqued bone scales. Also has a bone charger nicely made by John Barrett.

This outfit is available for purchase.

Copy and photos by Wayne Elliott.

Dixon's Gunmaker Fair: 2010

Contemporary Fowler by Brad Emig

Hand forged knife by Shane Emig

Display of forged and swaged items by Brad Emig / Cabin Creek Muzzleloading

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tennessee Mountain Rifle #140 by Keith Lisle, Birddog6

Stump Cut Curly Maple Stock
Getz .50 cal "B" Weight Swamped Barrel x 44"
Extended Long Tang
Modified Chambers Ketland Flintlock
Modified Davis Set Triggers
White Lightning 1/4" Vent Liner
Handmade Nosecap, Entry & RR pipes, Patchbox, Toeplate with Box, Sideplate, Buttplate, Triggerguard, & Brass Front & Rear Tenn. Style Sights.
Toeplate & Buttplate
are Copper Riveted
All iron is aged.
Weight 7.5 lbs

Keith made all the trim, the brass front and rear sights.

This rifle is available for purchase. More of Keith's work can be seen at Custom Muzzleloaders.

Micmac Horn by Stash David and Kathy England

The horn was built by Stash David and scrimshawed by Kathy England after an original pictured in Jim Dresslar's book, "The Engraved Powder Horn".

Photos supplied by Kathy English.

Bob Browder Hunting Pouch

Photo supplied by Bob Browder of Longhunter Leather.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jeff Bibb Bag and Horn

A North Carolina pouch and horn set taken from original pieces. The pouch had a wonderful shape that I could not get out of my mind, and I had to make one. The original featured a tooled decoration. Since bark tan leather doesn't tool well, I added an overlaid fringed moon. The interior is lined with linen, and the flap is backed with light deerskin.

The horn is based on another original NC piece that struck a chord. The flare in the beehive base plug of the original was beautiful, and I had to give it a try. The tip is featured on at least three originals in various books. The carved antler measure and coned pan brush were also inspired by original pieces. 

Photos supplied by Jeff Bibb.