Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Johnson City School of Gunsmithing by Randal Pierce in Muzzleloading Magazine

The March/April 2018 MUZZLELOADER magazine has an article, “The Johnson City School of Gunsmithing” by Randal Pierce with photography by Ric Lambert .

Several of these gunsmiths have had their work shown at the Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show over the years.  Leroy Fleenor attended the show for a couple of years.

Randal Pierce who wrote the article has been helping with the Tennessee Kentucky Show for years.  This year he and his wife, Linda,  have taken the lead in running the show.  Randal is always willing to share his knowledge.  Jason Gatliff will be at the shows with copies of the magazine for sale as well as back issues of MUZZLELOADER and books for sale.

Hacker Martin is considered the founder of this school.


Hacker Martin pistol

Lester Smith, an apprentice to Hacker Martin (right)

More photos of this rifle by Lester Smith here.

Leroy Fleenor
More photos from this Contemporary Makers Portrait series here.

More of this rifle by Leroy here.

Louis A. Smith

More photos of this Louis Smith pistol can be found here.

More photos of horn by Louis here.

Dale Johnson
((1944 –

Donald R. Davidson

Dale Johnson and Donald Davidson are two other makers identified with the Johnson City School. Their work can be seen in Muzzleloading Magazine.

The above images have been posted on the Contemporary Makers blog along with more work by these gun makers.

Muzzleloader Magazine March/April 2018

ON THE COVER: Continental Dragoons, an original oil painting by Bryant White.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Prime Possibles
9 People to Watch — Jason W. Gatliff
11 Doin’ It Yourself A Southern Leather Key Basket — T. C. Albert
19 Shooting the Bull An Introduction to Flintlocks – Mike Nesbitt
29 Cache of the Hollow Tree The Looting of the Spanish Main, Part II — Tony Hunter
37 Dispatches from New England Six Terrible Days, The Northeast Coastal Campaign of 1703, Part II — Vincent C. Spiotti
47 On the Game Trail Trophies Come in All Sizes — Everett Leland
52 The Passion and Enthusiasm of Darrin McDonal, Flintlock Arms-Maker — John W. Hayes
67 Birchbark Canoe Design — John Lindman
75 The Night The Light of Fort Union Was Snuffed Out — Alan J. Garbers
82 Undaunted Treason, The Rise & Fall of General James Wilkinson, Part I — Gary L. Foreman
93 The Johnson City School of Gunsmithing — Randal Pierce
107 Classified Ads
111 Index of Display Advertisers
112 For the Bookshelf

More information can be found here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Robert Harn for Charles Howard from The Bob Roughton Collection at the 40th Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show

Copy of a North Carolina Vogler style rifle
Made by
Robert Harn for Charles Howard
Barrel Length
Purchased from

Private or Company
Three silver eagles (on patchbox, cheek piece, side plate)
Numerous other silver inlays
Iron mounted, silver wire, gold bands
Lockplate engraved RJ Harn & Co

Copy and photos supplied by Jim Chambers.

Nicely Aged Shot Pouch

Aged shot pouch with antique patch knife and antique ball bag. Pouch is all hand sewn, welted and edges are bound. Lined with tick. There is one pocket inside. Pouch measures 7 inches deep by 6.5 wide. Strap has multiple repairs and a brass buckle. Measure is a copy of an original. Pouch was made to look very worn. With all the repairs it is still very useable. A great piece to display with an original rifle or to use in the field. $135 shipped in the continental USA.


Copy and photos supplied by Art Riser.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wrought Iron Flint Striker by Shane Emig

This decorative flint striker, engraved in a bilaterally symmetrical design of the Baroque style, was hand crafted by Shane using original, 18th Century Wrought Iron. The engraved decoration was free hand drawn and chased with hammer and chisel, and then the background was lightly stippled to add contrast. The heat treating on the iron was done using all traditional 18th Century techniques to ensure a proper level of carbon in the iron. The striker has been paired with a beautifully made brain tan and quillwork pouch made by Bill Wright.

Copy and photos supplied by Shane Emig.

40th Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show

I'm not fiddling around, I'm  headed to Knoxville.

Friday-Saturday April 20-21, 2018 
Jubilee Banquet Facility 
6700 Jubilee Center Way Knoxville, TN 37912  

This is a collectors’ meeting and is not promoted to the general public. We welcome all those who are interested in the preservation of the American long rifle
Join us for this 39th annual Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show.
Kentucky Rifles, pistols and related accouterments only.
No cartridge weapons permitted.
Contact Randal Pierce 865-982-6538

Monday, March 26, 2018

Smoothbore Flintlock Fowler by Samuel Atkins

This is a Smoothbore Flintlock Fowler built by Samuel Atkins of Louisa County, Virginia. It is .60 caliber, roughly 20 gauge, and features a tiger striped walnut stock with German Silver hardware. Both raised and incised carving is evident as well as tasteful silver-wire inlays.

Copy and photos supplied by Samuel Atkins.