Monday, January 9, 2012

Lester Smith Rifle

This rifle is signed L Smith on the barrel and the lock is 38 cal. It was an original barrel re-rifled in the styling of the Federal Period. Earl Lanning said Lester didn't know it but he was building Federal style rifles all along. It has the most elaborate forstock wear plate I have ever seen, having 60 piercings with oak leafs, very nice comb inlay, 26 silver inlays, very hard 3-d curly maple. A very nice full pierced toe plate. The eagle patchbox is highly engraved. Overall length is 57 inches.

Copy and photos supplied by Aaron Boyeston.


  1. I just stumbled on your blog and am very excited. I am Lester Smith's great niece Lynn Smith. My dad Harry Jr used to help Uncle Lester when he was young. Do you know of any way I could find anyone that would be willing to sell one of Uncle Lester's rifles or pistols? About 25 years ago, I had just missed a pearl handled pistol in Stone Mountain, Ga he had done beautiful engraving on. It was for his bride that stood him up. With all of Uncle Lester's financial problems and his unexpected passing of the Hong Kong flu, his family didn't get any of his guns as memorabilia, just photos. I would LOVE to have one to give my dad. Dad is 75.

  2. Hello Lynn , I have a rifle that Lester made and also a powder horn that is engraved and signed Lester Smith. I am not interested in sell them , but I do have a friend that has a pair of Ruger revolvers that he engraved. He might be interested in selling those. I would love to know more about your uncle and his gun making and I can tell you quite a few things that I know from experiences with a friend of his.
    I can get you some pictures of the guns and horn if you like.My e-mail is