Friday, June 23, 2017

The Fort Frederick Horn by Kevin Hart

Title: The Fort Frederick Horn
Inscriptions: Fort Frederick/ Fort Frederick Est. 1756/ By the Colony of Maryland/Dieu Et mon Droit/ Maker’s Name/ Horn Number/ Date Made
Length: 14 1/2 Inches
Butt: 3 inch turned Walnut
Throat: Engrailed edge followed by a 4 1/4 inch dark brown round throat with two rings at the tip
Plug: 1 1/2 inch turned cow horn
Carvings: British Royal Seal with Lion & Unicorn/ 4 Butterflies/ Flowers/ Winged Lioness/ Sun/ Fort Frederick/ Arrow pointing North/ Marching Soldiers/ 3/4 inch Fort Frederick Thumbnails in Celtic script at engrailed edge/ Compass/ Hungry Moon with Worried Star/ Parked Cannon, flags, drums and drummer/ Hunting Scene with two deer and two dogs, horse and rider blowing a cow horn/ Area along top of horn for owner’s name/ Trees/ Maker’s cartouche with cross
Finial: Turned Walnut

Copy and photos supplied by Kevin Hart.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017 CLF Auction Item: 18th Century Folding Knife by Scott Summerville

Scott Summerville makes great knives and razors.  He is a staunch supporter of the CLF Auction and has again given us a great folding knife.  This is a classic bone handled knife with a 3 1/2 inch blade. Scott hand builds these knives, hand shapes them and heat treats them to perfection.  This knife is a common pattern found around various British posts and encampments from the 1750s through the 1800s.  Scott models his on one in his collection that was found in the Michilimackinac area of Northern Michigan.

This knife is from 1095 high carbon steel and each part is heat treated for its purpose. 1095 is a notch up in hardness (and in difficulty to work) from the more common 1084 but is perfect for a folder like this when heat treated by a master like Scott.  The fit and finish is up to the best English standards of the Victorian era.  This knife will perform as well as any custom folder you can buy today.

Scott’s email is

Copy by Heinz Ahlers with photos by David Wright.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Wilderness Road Muzzleloaders Prize by Clinton Byers

This horn and bag set was created for the Wilderness Road Muzzleloaders and will be the first-place prize in their year-long shingle shoot. The bag is made from 2 oz. vegetable-tanned leather and is completely hand stitched. The leather was dyed with homemade harness dye and has been lightly distressed to give it a used look. Though not common to southern bags, this pouch is fully lined with linen and has a hanging pocket inside. The banded horn is of a Virginia/N Carolina style with a single band, applied horn tip, and a walnut base plug. The patch knife is homespun from an old saw blade and deer antler tine. 

For more information about the Wilderness Road Muzzleloaders and their shoot schedule visit their web site at:

Copy and photos supplied by Clinton Byers.