Thursday, October 18, 2018

Knife by Steve Auvenshine

Photographed at the 2015 CLA Show by Jan Riser .

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Gary Birch Bag

Finely crafted bag by Gary Birch. Bag is 10 inches wide by 10 inches deep. Bead and brass decorations. Woven and beaded strap. Tick and trade cloth lining. Wool tassels. Wool bag with linen binding.

$400. plus $20. shipping in the continental USA.

Contact for additional information.

Photographs by Jan Riser.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Logan's War Club by James Blake.

Made from Rock Maple,the Root Ball Blank was harvested four years ago on a hillside over looking the Site of the Yellow Creek massacre at Joshua Bakers homestead and trading post, on the West Virginia side of the Ohio River on April 30,1774 in which memebers of Logan's Family (wife-Mellana, Brother -Taylaynee also known as John Petty, Nephew- Molnah, Sister -Koonay) were lured into a insidous ambush. Logan was absent during the incident. The original club was reportively left at a Cabin site that Logan had attacked in August of the same year in retaliation for the brutal and cowardly murder of his family. The Cabin of Balser Lybrook was attacked and his three sons killed and scalped, true to the club's original the three X trophy marks line up with this incident. On the reverse side is numerous ineligible marks. The club handle has the European Intials IG carved into the base. This hideous act perpetrated by Daniel Greathouse and his brother Jacob and some associates sparked Lord Dunmores War.

Copy and photos supplied by James Blake.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Rifle by Nate McKenzie

Getz 42in. swamped barrel in 45 cal
Chambers Late Ketland lock
Wood by Knob Mtn 

Nate McKenzie was always good about sending photos of his rifles for the blog. This group was sent on July 4, 2018 right after we had posted a series on his new fowler. I always enjoyed his targets which notes his first shot and then shots after the sight was filed. "Thank you for posting the pictures of my fowler. I can finally build again after my shoulder surgery. I  hope you are having a wonderful 4th. Its hotter than blazes here in northeast Pa. Here is another candidate for the blogspot. Thanks for looking."

Nate passed away on August 27, 2018. His obit is here.

Copy and photos supplied by Nate McKenzie.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Powder Horn by Billy Griner

Photographed at the 2018 Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show by Jan Riser.