Friday, August 17, 2018

Powder Horn by Scott Sibley

Supplied photos.

Powder Measure by Rich McDonald

65 grain measure by Rich McDonald. Woman's leg with buckle shoe. 

Photos by Jan Riser.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hunting Pouch by Jack Hubbard

Barktan bag is 7.5 inches deep by 6.5 inches wide. All hand sewn. One interior pocket. Strap is leather and fabric. Brass buckle. 
$135. plus $15. shipping in the continental USA.
Contact for more information.

Photos by Jan Riser.

Work by Bill Reynolds

Photo supplied by Robert Weil.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Rifle by Nate McKenzie

Getz 42in. swamped barrel in 45cal.
Chambers Late Ketland lock.
Wood by Knob Mtn. 

Copy and photos supplied by Nate McKenzie.

"Moravian Gunmaking II - Bethlehem to Christian's Spring" by Robert Lienemann

This book will be on sale at the CLA Show at the KRA table in the antique section.

A rifle attributed to Andreas Albrecht, private collection

" In comparing tracings of the butt profile of this rifle to others, the top line and buttplate of this rifle and several of Oerter's rifles match exactly, but there is another 1/4" pf wood along the toe forward of the buttplate here, allowing for the more obvious stepped wrist."

Barrel of signed 1774 Christian Oerter rifle, private collection

"The barrel's bore is strongly rifled as "new", measures 0.525 inches (32 bore) at the muzzle, is rifled with seven round bottomed grooves which are slightly narrower than the lands and a rapid right hand twist, making an approximate one and a half turns in the 46' length of the barrel."

Photos supplied by Robert Lienemann.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Quillwork Picture Frame by Lally House

Photographed at the 2017 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

American Shooting Journal Article: The Making of "A Warrior's Clutch"

The August 2018 issue of American Shooting Journal has an article about the making of "A Warrior's Clutch". The article is by Frank Jardim with photographs by Ric Lambert. This set is a 2018 CLA Live Auction item.

Monday, August 13, 2018

2018 CLA Live Auction: Woodbury Whitson Rifle by Jin Kibler, Heinz Ahlers, Ian Pratt, and Frank House

The Woodbury Whitson Rifle is a result of a collaboration between Jim Kibler, Heinz Ahlers, Ian Pratt and Frank House.  Jim Kibler donated one of his fine Iron Mounted Southern rifle kits to the CLA for this years auction. Heinz handled the assembly of the kit and fabricated the additional metal parts. Ian Pratt was the design consultant, historian, and trigger smith.  Frank House handled the finishing work including the final styling on the rifle.  

This rifle went start to finish photography in just over 90 days. This team really pulled together to hustle this rifle out.

The Kibler kit is based on the Whitson style of the North Carolina Appalachian School.  The Whitson family of gunsmiths worked in Buncombe County, North Carolina from the end  of the Eighteenth Century well into the percussion period. William Whitson was born around 1764, his son, George Whitson in 1785, and Joseph Whitson Jr. was born in 1825. They made iron mounted rifles of the Appalachian school with some interesting touches.  In 1800 Buncombe County included what would later become Henderson and Haywood Counties. So the Whitsons, Robert Hughes and the early Gillespies would have been working realitively close to each other.  Their potential customers were North Carolina hunters, including a large Cherokee population, travelers headed down the French Broad River and over to the Cumberland River country, and traders and merchants going in all directions from Morristown, which would become Asheville.

Whitson rifles sometimes have patch boxes, generally variations on the banana style box,
and later rifles have the extended tang.  Ian Pratt finds the Whitson’s typically used a characteristic filing technique on their double set triggers and set screws.

The Woodbury Whitson rifle features a nose cap, toe plate and patch box consistent with the style George Whitson may have used. We have also used a molding on the cheek piece similar to Joseph Whitson’s work.  Ian Pratt provided the appropriate style set screw for the triggers and guided the trigger shaping.  We shaped the thimbles octagon giving another Joseph Whitson touch. 

This Kibler kit rifle had extremely good architecture right out of the box. However the addition of some molding, a box, a toe plate, a nose cap and Frank House’s work with the furniture scraper really brought the rifle into the Woodbury School.  Frank’s finish work on this rifle is masterful.  

This is a classic Appalachian rifle with a 46 inch Rice 40 caliber swamped barrel.  The maple stock is nicely striped. It is very light and handy for such a long barreled piece. And how often do you find a gun with quite this list of builders?

The contact information is below;
Heinz Ahlers
Frank House
Jim Kibler
Ian Pratt

Text by H Ahlers with photos by David Wright