Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Johnson City School of Gunsmithing by Randal Pierce in Muzzleloading Magazine

The March/April 2018 MUZZLELOADER magazine has an article, “The Johnson City School of Gunsmithing” by Randal Pierce with photography by Ric Lambert .

Several of these gunsmiths have had their work shown at the Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show over the years.  Leroy Fleenor attended the show for a couple of years.

Randal Pierce who wrote the article has been helping with the Tennessee Kentucky Show for years.  This year he and his wife, Linda,  have taken the lead in running the show.  Randal is always willing to share his knowledge.  Jason Gatliff will be at the shows with copies of the magazine for sale as well as back issues of MUZZLELOADER and books for sale.

Hacker Martin is considered the founder of this school.


Hacker Martin pistol

Lester Smith, an apprentice to Hacker Martin (right)

More photos of this rifle by Lester Smith here.

Leroy Fleenor
More photos from this Contemporary Makers Portrait series here.

More of this rifle by Leroy here.

Louis A. Smith

More photos of this Louis Smith pistol can be found here.

More photos of horn by Louis here.

Dale Johnson
((1944 –

Donald R. Davidson

Dale Johnson and Donald Davidson are two other makers identified with the Johnson City School. Their work can be seen in Muzzleloading Magazine.

The above images have been posted on the Contemporary Makers blog along with more work by these gun makers.

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