Saturday, August 31, 2013

Normandie Farm Pouch by Eric Ewing

This bag was made for a farmer in Normandy, France to use in what they refer to as "broadcasting", basically to hold the seeds as they sow the fields they have plowed.While this isn't a shot pouch, or meant to accompany a firearm, I made it using the same techniques and materials I have been using, only increasing the size, which is about 13" wide x 12" tall.  The body and strap are made from vegetable tan cowhide with pigskin binding.  The inside is lined with a lightweight browned linen. The bag was dyed with different shades of red and brown until I had a finish I found pleasing.  On the back, there is a loop between strap attachments to hang a tool or knife etc, and on the straps themselves there are numerous large holes punched to enable the hanging of other tools and objects if desired.  For the designs (stitched on the bag and burned onto the buckle) I drew inspiration from sources including the Bayeaux Tapestry, and similar Norman inspired motifs wherever I could find them. Where the front of the bag was pierced, exposing the linen fabric underneath, the linen was waterproofed by melting and heating beeswax.  The entire bag was treated with neatsfoot oil which made the leather very soft and pliable.

Copy and photos supplied by Eric Ewing.

Carved and Painted Poplar Spoon Rack

Probably New Jersey, 1750-1800 
H. 23 in.; W. 9 in.

Retains vestiges of what appears to be the original red, white and blue paint. The color of the red suggests that it is probably vermillion, the more expensive imported red available. (as opposed to the less expensive domestic iron oxide usually used on flat surfaces) The surface of the front has been scrubbed ---probably due to regular cleaning during use. Retains four of its original rose-head nails. There is a crack from the top, down the central hanging area about 3 inches long and a crack down the right shoulder about 7 inches long

Copy and photos from Live Auctioneers.

2013 CLA Show: Photos

Photos by Ron and Sharon Brimer.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Pipe Ax by Brian Anderson

inlaid pipe axe with a curley ash handle

Copy and photos supplied by Brian Anderson.

Powder Horn by John Gaeckle

The phrases on the horn are: "May God make me fast and accurate" and "The hunter shoots the deer in flight".

Copy and photos supplied by John Gaeckle.

"On the Trails of the Iroquois" Exhibit at the Bundeskunsthalle

Manfred Schmitz has been able to acquire a limited license from the Bundeskunsthalle office for the use of these images until August 31, 2013 at which time they will be delete from Contemporary Makers Blog.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jeff Cline Knife

Photographed at the 2013 Lake Cumberland Show by Jan Riser.