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2013 CLA Show: Photos

The Gentlemen and The Woodsman
The War of 1812

As the War of 1812 began the United States was still a young country that was growing westward from the eastern seaboard.  With the growth of the new country and government the eastern seaboard and a few larger communities along the Appalachian Mountains, there was a developing upper class of men.  These were typically business men, plantation owners and traders who as their wealth grew carried a higher grade of weapon as a sign of their status.

At the same time the country was continuing its westward expansion there was a group of rugged woodsmen that explored and settled the land and lived in a primitive environment.  These woodsmen carried basic weapons that were used on a regular basis to defend life and property.  These weapons were plain but functional and often constructed from whatever materials were available in the frontier country.

As the War of 1812 expanded the Gentlemen and the Woodsmen took up positions of defense against England.  They fought with their own weapons side by side throughout the war and at the Battle of New Orleans delivered a decisive victory for America.

This display represents contemporary firearms, blades and accoutrements that the  "The Gentlemen and The Woodsmen " would  have used during the War of 1812.  They demonstrate the highest quality to the most basic weaponry - yet all functioned with accurate and deadly effect.

The Gentlemen 

*   Silver and Brass mounted 54 cal flintlock rifle made by Jud Brennan
*   Brass mounted  45 Cal flintlock rifle patterned after The G. Mansker 
     rifle made by Jud Brennan        
*   Brass barrel 54 cal smooth bore pistol made by Jud Brennan
*   Ivory Handled American sword made by Willie White
*   Bone handled knife and fork set by Glenn McClain
*   Hunting bag made by Joe Mills - Powder Horns by John Pylbon
*   Hunting bag and horn made by Jesse Brennan
*   Silver inlaid Pipe Tomahawk made by Frank House
*   Ivory Handled knifes made by Glenn McClain

The Woodsmen

*   Iron mounted 54 cal flintlock rifle made by Hershel House
*   Brass mounted 12 bore flintlock smoothbore made by Mike Mills
*   Deer antler handled long hunter knife by Hershel House
*   Hunting bags made by Joe Mills - Powder horn by John Barrett
*   Hunting bag made by Mike Mills - Powder horn by Art DeCamp
*   Plain pipe tomahawk made by Glen McClain
*   Plain tomahawk maker unknown
*   Antler handle folding knife made by Jeff Helm

Copy by Mike Mills and photographed at the 2013 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

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