Saturday, August 10, 2013

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James D. Julia is having a Firearms Auction October 14th and 15th, 2013. Below are a sampling of pieces from the Collection of Dr. Douglas Sirkin. The full catalog is not on line at the present time, only highlights of the items to be auctioned.

Extraordinary Best Quality KY Rifle Signed by John Armstrong featuring exquisite relief carving patterns in superb orig cond. One of the finest KY's extant. An American Classic. Ex Locke, Kelley Colls.

Rare Peter White signed F/L KY rifle w/unique "strawberry vine" relig. carving. Ex Sullivan coll.

Beautiful Golden Age J.P. Beck KY rifle w/classic 4 pc patchbox & relig. carving in fine condition.

Superb Nicholas Beyer KY rifle w/early style relief carving. Ex Milton Coll.

Earliest known example KY Rifle made by John Armstrong, ca. 1798. Ex Cooke, Servin, Toffolon, Acevedo Colls.

Rare Signed KY Rifle by John Bonewitz w/full relief carving and iconic patchbox.

Exquisite A. Schweitzer F/L KY Rifle w/relief carving and wonderful horsehead patchbox as pictured in Whisker's book. Ex Bowers Kindig Coll.

Classic Wolfgang Haga F/L KY Rifle w/relief carved curly maple stock and Haga's trademark floral treatments.

Masterful Adam Ernst Golden Age F/L KY w/finest carved stock and lock moulding as illustrated in Linsay's book. 

Inspired artistry in this John Noll F/L KY w/classic rococo carved stock & engr. patchbox & furniture.

Extraordinary Jacob Kuntz Golden Age KY rifle w/classic relief carved stock and engr. furniture. 

The Fort at Crown Point
This is a link to the Google satellite map of the fort at Crown Point, as seen in the post of Thomas Davies watercolors in the Winterthur Collection. Click here for map. You can zoom in and see the outline of the old fort. The painting view is from somewhere on the peninsula, with a view to the North. That be Lac du Champlain coming in from the right, and fading off into the distance in the centre of the picture. Bulwagga Bay is on the left.

Copy and images from James Julia. Copy on Crown Point supplied by Tom Curran.

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