Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fire Kit by David Crisalli

Brass tube waterproof fire kit patterned after 18th century brass telescope tubing.

Holds a couple of strands of charred cotton rope and a few double-ended sulfur spunks (used since the 6th century).  The brass can, with a waxed leather washer, keeps everything dry.  To use, pinch off a piece of the charred rope and it catches a spark from flint and steel very quickly.  Even easier, if the flint rifle or pistol is unloaded, is to put the piece of charred rope in the pan, close the frizzen and snap the lock.  Drop the lit char into the cap of the kit and touch one end of a spunk to it.  One or two quick puffs of air and the spunk takes light.

The charred rope was also made over an open fire without the use of the usual tin or can with a hole in it.

Copy and photos supplied by David Crisalli.

Pottery by Lisa Crews

Photographed at the 2012 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

Bed Hangings

A Treatise on Fabrics and Styles in the Curtaining of Beds, 1650-1850

Complied by Abbott Lowell Cummings
Essays by Nina Fletcher Little
New introduction by Jane C. Nylander

Published by Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, Boston, Massachusetts 1994.

This 60 book include the three sections and contains 62 photos, diagrams, and etchings. Section one is on Fabrics and Documentary Sources by Abbott Lowell Cummings with text, table of materials, list of materials, and illustrations. Section two is Pictorial Sources by Nina Fletcher Little with text and illustrations. The third section is Technical Notes with text and illustrations.

Abbott Lowell Cummings is a noted architectural historian and genealogist, best known for his study of New England architecture. 

More information on Cummings can be found at Wikipedia.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hunting Pouch by Gary Elsenbeck

A double shot pouch giving one all the room needed for their day or extended hunt.  Approx. 6" deep by 8" wide with a 1 1/4 strap adjusted by an iron buckle.

Copy and photos supplied by Gary Elsenbeck.

Great Lakes Headress circa 1790

Materials: Birchbark, satin, eagle feather/feathers, silver brooches, porcupine quills, pottery/ceramic bead/beads, horsehair, hide thong/babiche, cotton tape, wood, cotton thread, sinew, linen thread, dye/dyes, fur

Technique: Bent, stitched, wrapped, sewn, quill-wrapped (flat)

Dimensions: 39 x 36 cm

Collected between 1790 and 1795 by Major Andrew Foster (1768-1806, British Army officer) at Fort Miami or Fort Michilimackinac; inherited by his family; transferred to George Terasaki (New York art dealer) at an unknown date; acquired by MAI through an exchange with Terasaki in 1966.

Copy and image supplied by National Museum of the American Indian.

Had on and Took With Her

Clothing in Female Runaway Servants Advertisements 

As published by Benjamin Towne of Philadelphia between 1775 and 1784

Complied and Edited by Sue Huesken and Karen Mullian

“The following 42 runaway servant advertisements were gleaned from The Pennsylvania Evening Post, a newspaper published by Benjamin Towne. This 34 page book includes an introduction, runaway advertisements, clothing and textile charts, index of women, and additional reading. The following is an exert from this interesting little book.

[January 6, 1778]

RAN AWAY on the morning of the thirtieth of Dec. last, from the subscriber, living in Combes’s alley, an apprentice girl named MARGARET TAGGART, of Irish extraction. Had on when she went away, a black silk bonnet with white silk lining, a yellow striped linsey short gown, blue quilted petticoat, yarn stockings, high heeled leather shoes and large brass buckles; has about four years to serve, and is suppose to be lurking about the barracks. Whoever apprehends her and brings her home, shall receive ONE SHILLING reward and no charges.
January 6, 1778.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Jud Brennan Rifle

The rifle is equipped with a 46 1/4 inch, .60 caliber rifled barrel, has extensive engraving on the metal, and well executed relief carving on the stock.  Made approximately 12 years ago, with custom handmade lock and silver plated hardware.

Copy and photos from Antique & Modern  Firearms, Inc

Late Return to Camp by David Wright

oil on panel
24" x 30"

Photo from David Wright Art.