Saturday, December 29, 2012

Had on and Took With Her

Clothing in Female Runaway Servants Advertisements 

As published by Benjamin Towne of Philadelphia between 1775 and 1784

Complied and Edited by Sue Huesken and Karen Mullian

“The following 42 runaway servant advertisements were gleaned from The Pennsylvania Evening Post, a newspaper published by Benjamin Towne. This 34 page book includes an introduction, runaway advertisements, clothing and textile charts, index of women, and additional reading. The following is an exert from this interesting little book.

[January 6, 1778]

RAN AWAY on the morning of the thirtieth of Dec. last, from the subscriber, living in Combes’s alley, an apprentice girl named MARGARET TAGGART, of Irish extraction. Had on when she went away, a black silk bonnet with white silk lining, a yellow striped linsey short gown, blue quilted petticoat, yarn stockings, high heeled leather shoes and large brass buckles; has about four years to serve, and is suppose to be lurking about the barracks. Whoever apprehends her and brings her home, shall receive ONE SHILLING reward and no charges.
January 6, 1778.

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