Friday, December 30, 2016

Work by Jeff Bottiger

The above picture is of a horn that I made for a guy in California. The box with the horn was stolen from his front porch. So if you see it out there in the world wide web let me know! I've also attached one other picture of a little horn that I made for my brother. It was also stolen this past year. The engraved horn had the tree of life, deer and fish engraved on it.

Copy and photos supplied by Jeff Bottiger.


Bill Ruggie who passed on Nov 26, 2016 was a great friend indeed. 

When I was first attempting to assemble a collection of rifles to photograph for my book, Bill was the first collector to step up and offer his entire collection of Fred Riley guns!!!!  That was a big shot for me considering it was very difficult to convince most of the gun crowd to send theirs.

Bill was a player from the beginning of the revival. He had great taste and amassed a wonderful collection of guns, knives, bags and accouterments. 

His enthusiasm carried over into all his show displays, and also his term as a CLA President.  Our group is a mixed and varied bunch. The makers themselves cannot be fully appreciated or validated without the other side of the coin. And there you had Bill Ruggie.

Fred Riley Pistols from "Contemporary Makers" by Robert Weil.

Copy and photos supplied by Robert Weil.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

French Tinder Lighter c Late 17th or Early 18th Century

A very rare early French tinder lighter c late 17th or early 18th century. 
Length is a petite 6"
Possibly made by the gunsmith Antoine Descos the elder, Leyne, France.
This piece was made without legs, probably for travel 
and carried in a bag or sack. Notice the bottom mounted sear spring.

Copy and photos supplied by Robert Weil.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Calumet Pipe by Jessee Lawyer

I am an Abenaki artist from Vermont, I have been carving for about 4 years with the last 2 researching 18th century material culture. I do other arts as well but am very proud of this piece.

Copy and photos supplied by Jessee Lawyer.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Frank House Knife for Jeremiah "Jake" Browning - November 7, 2016 AD

As part of a grandfather’s continuing tradition to his grandson, Jeremiah David Browning - this is the seventh handmade knife made by friends for his birthday. This year’s outstanding knife is by noted knife maker, Frank House, of Woodbury, Kentucky. “Jake” received this knife on his 16th birthday, November 7, 2016 from his grandfather, H. David Wright.

This year Frank created a stunning knife which is accented with silver work for which he is so adept.   The hand-forged blade is inset into a deer antler with a silver guard and bolster which are handsomely engraved – the guard on one side is engraved with the date of Jeremiah’s birthday – “Nov. 7, 2016” and David’s initials “HDW”. On the other side, is stamped and is engraved with a running border.  The blade is stamped with Frank’s touch mark and two hearts which has become an artistic tradition among the artists making Jake’s knives. A silver pommel cap is engraved with Jeremiah’s initials “JDB” states the date of Jeremiah’s birthday.

This is the seventh knife made in the continuing tradition from a grandfather to a fine grandson. Last year’s 2015 knife was made by Doug Delsemme, 2014 by Todd Daggett, the 2013 knife was made by Daniel Casey, the 2012 knife was made by Joe Seabolt, 2011 by Glen Mock, and the 2010 knife was made by Ian Pratt.

Thanks to all seven artists for making my grandson’s gifts extra special.

H. David Wright
Gallatin, Tennessee
November 7, 2016