Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Frank House Knife for Jeremiah "Jake" Browning - November 7, 2016 AD

As part of a grandfather’s continuing tradition to his grandson, Jeremiah David Browning - this is the seventh handmade knife made by friends for his birthday. This year’s outstanding knife is by noted knife maker, Frank House, of Woodbury, Kentucky. “Jake” received this knife on his 16th birthday, November 7, 2016 from his grandfather, H. David Wright.

This year Frank created a stunning knife which is accented with silver work for which he is so adept.   The hand-forged blade is inset into a deer antler with a silver guard and bolster which are handsomely engraved – the guard on one side is engraved with the date of Jeremiah’s birthday – “Nov. 7, 2016” and David’s initials “HDW”. On the other side, is stamped and is engraved with a running border.  The blade is stamped with Frank’s touch mark and two hearts which has become an artistic tradition among the artists making Jake’s knives. A silver pommel cap is engraved with Jeremiah’s initials “JDB” states the date of Jeremiah’s birthday.

This is the seventh knife made in the continuing tradition from a grandfather to a fine grandson. Last year’s 2015 knife was made by Doug Delsemme, 2014 by Todd Daggett, the 2013 knife was made by Daniel Casey, the 2012 knife was made by Joe Seabolt, 2011 by Glen Mock, and the 2010 knife was made by Ian Pratt.

Thanks to all seven artists for making my grandson’s gifts extra special.

H. David Wright
Gallatin, Tennessee
November 7, 2016

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