Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Cutting Edge of the CLA Display by Barry and Dorothy Maxfield: Part II

Hill Pearce
Dagger, Ivory Hilt

(Unmarked, by attribution)

May be very early work
This dagger was commission from Hill Pearce by Art Riser.

Original Sash Bowie
Mid-Ninetieth Century

When I acquired this blade in the mid 1980’s, it whispered “Throw Me!”
I have never owned another knife that felt so balanced and so comfortable in the hand; these were often made in pairs and associated with riverboat gamblers.

I have resisted the “Throw Me!” voice tp date.  I did commission PJ Tomes tp make his interpretation of this knife in a match pair, displayed here.

PJ Tomes, MS ABS
American Knifemakers Guild

Pair of “Sash” Bowies after the original displayed here

Primitive Knife
Glen Mock

Small “House School” Knife
Steve Auvenshine

Antler Tip Hilt, Pewter Bolster

3 Bar Damascus Dagger
B. English

Ken Gahagan

Spiral carved antler hilt with Polychrome after an original in “Swords and Blades of the American Revolution” (Neumann)

Hand Forged Belt Knife
Shane & Brad Emig

Patch Knife
Rich McDonald

Antler Half Tang Hilt with Bullet Starter

Traditional Wrought Knife
Shane Emig

Many 18th Century American knives were forged of wrought Iron; a common and plentiful material in Colonial America and far less expensive than steel.  It, however, does require unique skills and technology in forging, hardening and tempering.  This example is completely-handmade using original 18th Century wrought iron and employing traditional tools and technology in the construction.

Longhunters Knife
Chuck Wallingford
8” Blade, Maple Hilt with Ivory Cap

Three Blades by
Scott Sommerville

A sample of the range of the talent of this craftsman.  All primitive yet elegant and comfortable in the hand.

Fashioned as if made from a broken sword

Frank House

This piece was featured in an early
“Book of Buckskinning”

Red Handled Scapler
Robert Rossdeutscher

Based on Historic Examples from original
Trade Manifests

American Hanger
Frank House
CA. 1980’s

On the cover of
July 1989

American Hunting Sword
Robert Rossdeutscher

21” Blade, Antler & Buffalo Horn Hilt,
Forged Iron Guard

Arkansas Toothpick
Sid Birt

Sid Birt, member of the Knifemaker’s Guild,
Was one of the earliest makers forging
Damascus Steel (About 1974)
He became a master smith in 1981.

Spanish Belduque
Joe De La Ronde

Hand Forged with Horn Slabs

Eating Set
Glenn McClain

Scottish Bollocks
Glenn McClain

Ivory and Blued Steel

“Armpit” Knife
Glenn McClain
Blackwood Hilt/Silver Cap
Nickle Silver/Tooled Sheath

“Eye” Knife/Bullet
Frank House

Quilled Sheath

Two Patch Knives
John House

Copy by Barry and Dorothy Maxfield with photography by Jan Riser at the 2016 CLA Show.

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