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CLF 2022 Auction: Lady’s Pocket by Heather Schneider


The creative women of the CLA have made this year’s fundraising auction a pleasant exploration of often underappreciated aspects of early American life. For this year’s live fundraising event, artist Heather Schneider has created what many of us take for granted in the modern world: a pocket.

Schneider’s pocket will work well at a living history event or as a delightful addition to your home collection. The pocket is based on an original 18th century design which can be found in the Bankfield Museum in Halifax, England. A student of history, Schneider quotes from the book The Pocket, A Hidden History of Women's Lives: "The motif of some pockets certainly confirm the emotional associations of the pocket as a repository of a woman's sentimental attachments, whether secret or not. The heart as a sentimental motif was popular in all settings and media....A number of surviving pockets bear heart motifs.”  

This entirely hand-sewn pocket is made with a white linen front; the crewel work was executed using wool yarn. The front crewel work panel is backed with white linen; the back pocket panel is a checked linen. The pocket is trimmed with a burgundy wool twill tape. The linen tape used to secure the pocket on the waist was loomed and donated by Judy Wilson, an interpreter at Pricketts Fort who specializes in weaving and dying.  

Schneider brings a lifelong interest in history to her craft. “I began reenacting 35 years ago when I met my husband,” she explains,” over time, I concentrated on life on the colonial frontier and cultivated an interest in foodways and hearth cooking.” Schneider regularly teaches at living history events at sites including Fort Niagara, the Fort LeBoeuf Museum, and Pricketts Fort.

For more information on the work of Heather Schneider, contact:

Text by Joshua Shepherd

Photography by David Wright

To see all the artists’ postings for the 2022 CLF Fundraising Auction go to:

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

2017 CLF Auction Item: Hunting Pouch, Horn, and Knife Set by Jeff Luke, Joe-D Baxter, and Jonah Cain


In the modern world, making and using tools from natural materials is a refreshing way to connect to reality. For this year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction, a trio of artists has teamed up to create a hunting rig that evokes straightforward craftsmanship and rugged performance.

The set is built around a hunting bag by Jeff Luke, a longtime auction supporter. Luke explains that the set is intended to “represent a typical backwoods hunting rig from the mountains of Tennessee in the early years of the 1800's.” The pouch is made from vegetable tanned calf hide, hand stitched with linen thread, distressed, and then dyed to a deep brown hue. The front flap of the pouch was made from the raw edge of a leg portion of the hide. The front panel binding and welt were hand fringed to give a rustic "backwoods" look. The leather strap is adjustable by means of a forged iron buckle by John Rader. 

The set includes a razor-sharp patch knife by Jonah Cain. Forged from an antique hay rake tine, the blade is affixed to a whitetail antler handle; the silver pommel is peened to secure it in place. The knife rests in a primitive bark-tanned deer hide sheath which is sewn to the pouch’s strap. 

This set includes a simple yet elegant horn by Joe-D Baxter. This horn features an elegantly tuned spout, a turned cherry base plug, and a cherry stopper. The horn is always ready for use, and hangs from leather wings attached to the pouch strap.   

For more information on the work of the artists, contact:

Jeff Luke:

Jonah Cain:

Joe-D Baxter:

Text by Joshua Shepherd

Photography by David Wright

To see all the artists’ postings for the 2022 CLF Fundraising Auction go to:

The Gunmakers Fair at Kempton: Seminars and Demos


 Building The British Fowler

Basic Carving and Engraving

Starting the forges

Artistic Aging for the Flintlock Rifle

Making your own Ramrod Pipes/Nose caps

Historical Forging

Hunting Pennsylvania with a Flintlock

Leather bag/Shot Pouch/Forging parts

Knife Forging

Lock Timing and Tuning

Inletting 101

Forging a Belt Axe

Basic Bag Making (50 participants max)

Barrel Rifling

Hand Forging a Tomahawk

Barrel Refresher Tables

Mark Wheland and Art DeCamp are doing a seminar at the Gunmakers Fair.  Over the last several years I acquired two antique rifling benches that were from the shop of Huntingdon County, PA gunsmith J.S. Johnston (1832-1911).  

Both of these rifling benches passed from Art on to Mark, who is now the owner.  The first bench is set up to do 7-groove rifling.  The second one does 8-grooves.  When I got it two years ago, it came with an old wooden produce box that was full of rifling cutters.  These would have been used in his shop to freshen old barrels and possibly cut rifling in new rifles that he was making.  Both are set up with old rifle barrels as the guide for creating the proper twist in the rifling grooves.  Interestingly, one of the guide barrels is an old Lancaster County, PA barrel signed "C. Gumpf".  

John S. Johnston learned the gunsmith trade and was in partnership with Joseph Douglass, Jr. (1819-1882) who was likely his uncle.  Douglass, Jr. died in 1882 and Johnston carried on the business in McConnellstown, PA until he retired in 1903.

Mark and I are going to present information on all of this and demonstrate both benches in our seminar on Friday afternoon at the Fair. (per Art DeCamp)

Ashlee's Return


The Contemporary Southern Horn

Carving Tool Sharpening

Let's Get Fired Up!

How to Fix Basic Gun Building Mistakes

Casting with Delft Clay

Barrel Forging for CW

Meet the Kempton Judges

Making your own Chisels

Basic Carving and Engraving

How to do Wire Inlay on a Gun Stock

Bring your unfinished project

Inletting mistakes and how to fix them

Barrel Forging for CW

How to Process Flax to Linen/Coloring

Better Techniques for a Stronger Gun

Gunstock Finishing

Historical Forging

Powder horns 101.201.301 and then Some!

Wrist and Lock Panel Shaping

Finishing Smithing Projects 

 Ladies Tatting (bring shuttle)


How to Sharpen your carving tools

Fitting a Breech Plug to a Barrel

Starting the Forges

Kitchen Happenings

Powder Flasks

Screw Top Powder Horns

Forging Lock Parts

Cleaning Black Powder from your Barrel

Lock timing and breakdown

Historical Forging

Gun Stock Finishing

Barrel Forging for CW

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Fowler by Eric Kettenburg with Powder Horn by Art DeCamp


Photography by Robert Weil.

The Gunmakers Fair at Kempton: Vendors

Vendor list for 2022

Banquet Hall

Billy Griner 

Brad & Shane 

Ed Long

Clinton & Kerry Byers 

Kris Polizzi 

Tim Williams

Brian Lemaster 

Mark Wheland

Art DeCamp 

Allen Martin 

John Proud 

Mitchell J. Yates 

Mark Thomas 

Dan Christ 

Pete & Pam Hutton 

Jay Blaine 

Barbie Chambers-Phillips 

Sparks Mumma 

Adam Daub 

Kentucky Rifle Foundation

Joe Scott

Kevin McDonald & Bob Albrecht 

Selinda Kennedy

Recreation Hall

David Keck

Jeanette Goehring

Tony Vance

Greg Hutchison

Claire Moore

Karen Jones

Stephen & Sarah Miller

Stephen Paulson

Dale Harrison

Ray Antosh

Scott Pobjoy

Gerald Solt

Craig Shepperly

Speedy Hogarth

Lloyd Branham

Randy Grunkmeyer

Garv Fatherree

Lancaster Muzzleloading Rifle Assoc.

Paul Allison

Dorothy Shumwav

William Shipman

James Rice

Bonnie Griffie

Liza Kindig

Henrv & Dianna Bowman

Jeff & Shelley Gier

Lonnie Macmilllan

David Morris

Jason Schneder

Timothy Wotring

Bernie Tulino

Bill Slusser

John G. Zimmerman

Jonathan Day

Tim & Terri Lubenesky

Gunmakers Fair at Kemoton - Silent Auction Table

Gunmakers Fair at Kempton - Information & Raffle tickets

Outdoor Booths

Roland Cadle

Erich & Janice Steinhagen

Jennifer Muschlitz

Gerry Messmer

Ted Schaffer

Brad Flint

Roger Vincent

Michael Barton

Mike Eder

Ray Anthony

Bob Rubbo

Monday, July 25, 2022

CLF 2022 Auction: Classic Frontier Knife by Todd Butler


Artist Todd Butler’s hand-forged knives are in high demand, and for good reason. His knives are among the best blades currently available in the custom market, and are only increasing in popularity with collectors. Elegant lines, rugged dependability, and unparalleled craftsmanship characterize the work of this master bladesmith. 

A regular supporter of the CLF Fundraising Auction, his donation to this year’s event is a standout that’s sure to elicit competitive bidding. This early 19th century-inspired frontier knife, hand forged from 5160 steel, features a deep false edge to the top of the blade and a decorative Spanish notch. This is an attractive but well-made knife; the knife features a sturdy through tang which is peened over the pommel cap. The knife’s “S” guard, ferrule, and pommel cap are made from mild steel. 

Butler’s knife also features a unique curly maple handle. The artist custom made his own aqua fortis stain using wrought iron shavings from a 125-year-old Michigan bridge. Butler mixed the wrought iron shavings with nitric acid and used the mixture to stain the curly maple handle, which was then heated and given multiple coats of French linseed oil to bring out the rich colors that can only be achieved with aqua fortis. 

Butler’s knife is accompanied with a custom leather sheath. Hand stitched and antiqued for added depth of color, the sheath also features a tasteful row of decorative stamps. 

For more information on the work of Todd Butler, contact:

Text by Joshua Shepherd

Photography by David Wright

To see all the artists’ postings for the 2022 CLF Fundraising Auction go to:

The Gunmakers Fair at Kempton


Please click on the directions tab for more information

Web site with contact info here.

Accouterment and Gun Judging

Accouterments - Frank Willis, Head Judge

  • Entries will be accepted by the maker only.

  • Any work not done by the maker must be noted.

  • Entries will be accepted from 10:00 AM Friday morning to 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon.

  • All entries must be picked up as soon as the Awards Ceremony is completed (approx. 3:00 PM Sunday). All Entries must remain on the table until then.

  • All entries must relate to the Long Rifle Culture

  • If Entry is made by a “junior” (15 yrs. old or younger) and/or is a First-Time entry, please let the attendees know.


 Accouterment Categories

  1. Contemporary

  2. Cutlery

  3. Decorated Horn

  4. Hunting Pouch

  5. Miscellaneous Accouterment

  6. Pouch & Horn Combination

  7. Undecorated Powder Horn

Award Ceremony will begin at 1:00 PM on Sunday

Guns - Mike Karkalla, Head Judge


  • Guns to be entered as Traditional or Contemporary

  • Additional Awards are for various components and embellishments

Gun Categories

  1.  Apprentice

  2.  Journeyman

  3.  Master


Awards Ceremony will begin right after the Accouterment Awards (Approx. 1:45)