Thursday, June 29, 2017

2017 CLF Auction Item: Longhunter's Knife and Sheath by Heinz Ahlers

I have always liked the longknife style. The design choices for a longknife vary from a heavy bladed, thick handled, fighting knife with a cross guard to a thin bladed utilitarian butcher knife style. I believe a longhunter preferred to carry tools that could meet multiple challenges. This longknife seeks to combine everyday utility with a potential for combat.

The 9-1/2 inch blade from 1084 carbon steel tapers from just under 1/4 inch at the hilt to less than 1/16 at the forward section. Tempered under the watchful eye of master knifesmith Joe Seabolt, the blade is tough and flexible on the back and very hard on the cutting edge. There is no cross guard so the knife can function well for slicing and boning. The blade is touch marked with one of those unique Hershel House made stamps of the Woodbury School.

The handle is elk antler with a pewter filled steel ferule. The long tang terminates with an upset rivet head fastening a repurposed English silver coin serving as a butt cap. This knife has a nice balance, it will shave hair, and it looks good.

Nine and one half inches of sharp knife needs a sheath. This sheath has a thick rawhide inner liner stitched with copper wire. The outer sheath is bark tanned deer hide with a thong and a fringed stop to help secure it in a sash or belt.

For for information on the work of the artist, contact: 

Heinz Ahlers -

Copy by Heinz Ahlers with photography by H. David Wright

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Recreating the Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch DVD by Ken Scott

This American Pioneer Video 2-disc set demonstrates how to make a hunting pouch using Ken's techniques, from picking the leather, applying the pattern, cutting and sewing up, to complicated procedures of construction. If you are a beginner, it shows you how to go about it. If you are an experienced pouch maker, you are sure to pick up some new tips. You can order yours today from Ken.

The two-disc DVD set is priced at $29.95 plus $7 shipping,

Ken has created a couple of items that you might want to accompany this video set.

He is offering a set of patterns for the pouch that he completed during the making of this video as well as an accompanying booklet, “Notes on Recreating the Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch,” This two-piece companion set is priced at $24, plus $7 shipping. 

Order both for just $49.95 Plus $7 shipping directly from Ken. Email: PayPal is accepted.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 CLF Auction Item: Wampum Belt by Matthew Bowles

In September of 1736, nineteen chiefs from the Six Nations – the Iroquois Confederacy – arrived at Philadelphia to strengthen the "covenant chain", or traditional alliance, with British officials in Pennsylvania. When Kanickhungo, the chieftan who spoke on behalf of the Seneca tribe, rose to speak, he expressed "Satisfaction in the friendly and good Disposition of you our Brethren, towards all the Indians of the Six Nations." As a record of his words and a testament of his own forthrightness, the sachem then presented Pennsylvania officials with a wampum belt "of white Wampum of eleven Rows, with four black St. George's Crosses on it." In the delicate game of frontier diplomacy, the belt was a powerful symbol of good faith.

For this year's CLA fundraising auction, artist Matthew Bowles has painstakingly crafted a remarkable reproduction of the belt that was originally made for the "Treaty of Friendship" with the Iroquois in 1736. While conducting background historical research, Bowles ran across a description of the belt in treaty records which were printed by none other than Benjamin Franklin. Intrigued by the original 18th century description of the belt, Bowles got to work and closely followed the original treaty notes in crafting the reproduction. The belt measures an impressive 2.75"x34.5", woven on leather lace using white thread. The beads are glass reproduction wampum that closely approximates the original shell pieces used. "As best as anyone knows," explains the artist, "this is the only reproduction of the belt."

This offering of the 2017 CLA auction presents a unique opportunity for bidders to obtain a museum-quality piece. Wampum belts are visually stunning works of art and the reproduction of this belt was in good hands. The artist has been making wampum belts, and studying the history behind it all, for nearly a decade and a half. "Beadwork has been something I've always enjoyed," says Bowles, "and I've had a blast weaving wampum as it combines the original native materials and European goods into permanent records of their talks."

The donation of this exceptional piece is the artist's way of assisting the organization which is at the heart of the longrifle culture. Bowles' experience with the CLA has been nothing but positive. "So far," he says, "I have found everyone to be fantastic people."

For for information on the work of the artist, contact:

Matthew Bowles

3572 Wolf Creek Road

Narrows, VA 24124

Copy by Joshua Shepherd with photography by H. David Wright

Quillwork by Robert Pawling

Ax by Brian Anderson

Photo supplied by Robert Pawling.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Lehigh-Reading Rifle After Stoffel Long by Nate McKenzie

Stoffel Long's shop and his Grave are about a mile from Dixon's Gunmaker's Fair. This rifle willbe on my table at the fair in July.
Colerain 45cal. 44in. octagon to round swamped barrel.
Chambers small Siler lock. 
Wood from Knob Mt. Muzzleloading.

Copy and photos supplied by Nate McKenzie.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Fort Frederick Horn by Kevin Hart

Title: The Fort Frederick Horn
Inscriptions: Fort Frederick/ Fort Frederick Est. 1756/ By the Colony of Maryland/Dieu Et mon Droit/ Maker’s Name/ Horn Number/ Date Made
Length: 14 1/2 Inches
Butt: 3 inch turned Walnut
Throat: Engrailed edge followed by a 4 1/4 inch dark brown round throat with two rings at the tip
Plug: 1 1/2 inch turned cow horn
Carvings: British Royal Seal with Lion & Unicorn/ 4 Butterflies/ Flowers/ Winged Lioness/ Sun/ Fort Frederick/ Arrow pointing North/ Marching Soldiers/ 3/4 inch Fort Frederick Thumbnails in Celtic script at engrailed edge/ Compass/ Hungry Moon with Worried Star/ Parked Cannon, flags, drums and drummer/ Hunting Scene with two deer and two dogs, horse and rider blowing a cow horn/ Area along top of horn for owner’s name/ Trees/ Maker’s cartouche with cross
Finial: Turned Walnut

Copy and photos supplied by Kevin Hart.

Thursday, June 22, 2017