Friday, June 2, 2017

Powder Horn by David Rase

With every new book I purchase comes consequences, and the purchase of Jay Hopkins new book "Bone Tipped & Banded Horns" while attending the TN/KY gunshow in Knoxville this year was no different.  I was immediately drawn to Virginia Miscellaneous horn VM 7 and below is my interpretation of this horn. My horn is 10 1/2" long from knob to spout tip.  Staying true to the original, the woods used were red oak for the inner base plug, black walnut for the external base plug and maple for the threaded knob.  Bands are 1/2" wide. The woven strap was made at Conner's Prairie about 10 years ago.
Next up is Pinned Collar Horn PC 3.  I told you there were consequences.

Copy and photos supplied by David Rase.

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