Friday, June 23, 2017

The Fort Frederick Horn by Kevin Hart

Title: The Fort Frederick Horn
Inscriptions: Fort Frederick/ Fort Frederick Est. 1756/ By the Colony of Maryland/Dieu Et mon Droit/ Maker’s Name/ Horn Number/ Date Made
Length: 14 1/2 Inches
Butt: 3 inch turned Walnut
Throat: Engrailed edge followed by a 4 1/4 inch dark brown round throat with two rings at the tip
Plug: 1 1/2 inch turned cow horn
Carvings: British Royal Seal with Lion & Unicorn/ 4 Butterflies/ Flowers/ Winged Lioness/ Sun/ Fort Frederick/ Arrow pointing North/ Marching Soldiers/ 3/4 inch Fort Frederick Thumbnails in Celtic script at engrailed edge/ Compass/ Hungry Moon with Worried Star/ Parked Cannon, flags, drums and drummer/ Hunting Scene with two deer and two dogs, horse and rider blowing a cow horn/ Area along top of horn for owner’s name/ Trees/ Maker’s cartouche with cross
Finial: Turned Walnut

Copy and photos supplied by Kevin Hart.

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