Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jeff Cline, Jack Hubbard and Curt Lyes Knives

The top knife is by Jack Hubbard. The 2nd and 5th knives are by Curt Lyles, and the 3rd and 4th are by Jeff Cline.

Photo supplied by Curt Lyles.

Muzzleloader/Scurlock Publishing Blog

Bill Scurlock of Muzzleloader Magazine and Scurlock Publishing has a blog. Bill is currently working on the March/April issue of the magazine and mentions some of the writers and article that will be in that issue. He shows color photos from past issues of the magazine, book reviews, hunting stories and a variety of interesting posts. The January 29th post showcases a rifle by Clay Smith who trained and worked at Williamsburg.

Photos from Clay Smith's web site and supplied by Bill Scurlock.

Lake Cumberland C.L.A. Mini Show 2010

Play cards with this young man at your own risk!

Photos supplied by Mel Hankla.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scott and Cathy Sibley Horn

Photos by Robert Weil.

Ken Scott Blog

Ken Scott American Frontier Artist is a blog by Ken that showcases his work and also list items that are for sale. Under label the item is marked if it is for sale.

Ken has a new design for the Record of Marriage as well as his earlier design available.

Images provided by Ken Scott.

18th Century Artisan Show: 2009

Fred Threlfall, one of the Honest Brothers, period maps and documents

Selinda Kennedy's Redware

Photos from the 2009 18th Century Artisan Show by Edmund Davidson.