Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Michael Galban Hair Ornament

Photographed at the 2011 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

CLA Show 2011:Photos

Variations of the
Sliding Wood Patchbox
by Bob Roughton

With thanksgiving and for our blessing, we present this group of rifles for your enjoyment.

Top. Judson Brennan - Transitional style copy of an original German piece, circa 1750 - but Americanized. Pleasing early look in the Brennan tradition. 44 3/4" barrel, Cal .54

2. Rudy Bahr - An absolute J.P. Beck with a combination of the two boxes, wood and brass, for an unusual look. Simple but elegant. 45 5/8 barrel, Cal .45

3. Mark Wheland - Christian Springs Style, it's and Americanized version of the Edward Marshall Rifle. Heavy but graceful, a delight to hold and shoot. 43 3/4" barrel. Cal .58

4. Gerald Neaves - A deluxe transitional style showing wonderful craftsmanship and a nice handmade lock. Sports a combination of finishes. 42" barrel, Cal .54

Bottom. Don Mach - From a relatively unknown builder but having ample skills, this is an English style rifle taken from the KRS book (Jim Johnston) 1976. Pages 161, 162. 42" barrel, Cal .54

Top. John Bevins - This excellent Germanic Rifle was one of his last pieces, and shows wonderful carving and detail pointing to the skill that John possessed. The work of a master craftsman. 28" barrel, Cal .58

Bottom. John Bevins - This rifle is serial number one of a pair made for the movie "Last of the Mohicians" and was a joint effort by several builders. Unfortunately, it was never used in the movie. It is a beautiful example of the Christian Springs style. 37" barrel, Cal .58

Top - Michael McHugh - This well done Herman Ruff is executed with great skill, and mixes the two elements, wood and brass for the box. 48" barrel, Cal .50

2. Bob Harn - This piece was given a real and authentic look by master builder, Bob Harn. Very tastefully done early style. 44" barrel, Cal .58

3. Monte Mandarino - This English style rifle by Monte is very well executed with much silver vine work tastefully done. His works are scarce. 44" barrel, Cal .50

4. Larry Mrock - This piece dated 1978, represents an early rifle style of a classic nature. It also, sports a nice ivory inlay on the cheek. 44" barrel, Cal .54

Bottom. Ed White - This piece is a wonderful copy of Earl Lanning's famous "Genesis" Rifle. 41 3/4" barrel, Cal. 50

Copy by Bob Roughton with photos by Jan Riser.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ron Scott Jaeger Rifle

Photos supplied by Ron Scott.

Stuart Willis Tomahawk

Stuart worked as the blacksmith atKing's Mountain State Park and Walnut Grove Plantation from 1995-1999. In 2000 he turned his full interest to the early American bladesmith specializing in tomahawks.

He hand forges most of his knives from plain carbon steel (1080,84,95) and occasionally 5160. His hawks and axes are from 1045,80,84,5160 and mild steel with the cutting edge being carbon steel forge welded in. Sometimes he recycles old files, plow points, leaf springs, coil springs, old tools or any other good steels that can be found laying around abandon farm buildings.

His hawk and axe handles are handmade mostly hardwoods that are native to America. Knife handles are hardwood,bone and stag. The hardware,end caps,guards and pins are from scrap metal,brass,pieces of wrought iron and pour in place pewter. The handle decorations are from feathers, rawhide, glass beads, sinew or anything that would have been on a period blade.

Copy and images provided by Stuart Willis.

CLA Show 2011: Photos

David Parrish and Glen McClain Display

Bill Reynolds, Elizabeth Lee Gaul and Ed Schweinfurth

Bill and Betsy

chest by Ed

Greg Hudson behind Ed's table

Photographed at the 2011 CLA Show by Jan Riser.