Friday, August 16, 2019

Thursday, August 15, 2019

2019 CLA Live Auction: Hunting Pouch by Bill Schneider

New York leatherworker Bill Schneider has crafted a dandy “home-made looking” hunting pouch.  Made from a deer that Bill harvested and bark tanned, it’s been stained a nice worn brown color and aged to look “already worn”.  An interesting cross hatched design appears on the front, which according to Bill is an unintentional result of scraping the hide when tanning it. Intentional or not. It adds a nice different looking design on the front.

Measuring a compact 8 x 9 inches, it features a double pouch with a flapped front pouch and a full width integral pocket in back which gives you two pouches without the thickness of four layers.  Sewn with waxed linen thread, it incorporates a hand forged buckle by Tennessean Steve Baxter on an adjustable strap. The neat little side knife, made by Greg Bray, director and blacksmith at Prickett’s Fort in West Virginia is hafted with a deer leg bone handle and carries a nice razor-sharp forged blade - all aged to match the look of the pouch. The fringed sheath is buttoned to the pouch and slips in the rear pouch, but can be removed for separate use, if desired.

Bill can be reached at P O Box 249, Panama, NY 14767  Email:  Phone:716 499-9716
Greg Bray can be reached

To contact Steve Baxter you will have to be run into him at a rendezvous, Friendship or at his home in West Tennessee.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hunting Pouch and Powder Horn by Matthew Fennewald

Braintan deer body, braintan fawn flap bag. The strap is barktan and has a handmade awl sheathed on the rear strap. Antler measure and braintan and wool flannel shot pouch hang from the front. Knife is forged out of an old file and has an antler handle and brass wire “repair”. Horn is based on several originals and features a lathe turned cherry wood base held with antique nails.

Copy and photos supplied by Matthew Fennewald.

Tobacco Box by Mitch Yates

Photos supplied by Mitch Yates.

Game Bag by Eric Ewing

No. 168:  Game Bag.  The front panel on the flap has two inserts made from alum-tanned woodchucks.  The leather is a vegetable tanned kip hide and vegetable tanned deer hide from Pergamena; steel buckle forged by The Whistling Woodsman blacksmith, hemp net.

Look for Eric at the CLA Show.

Copy and photos supplied by Eric Ewing.