Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hugh Toenjes Cases Presentation Longrifle

The large powder flask is made from a bison horn.

The full stock is curly maple from Pennsylvania and was fashioned with hand tools from a rough blank. I made the lock from modified raw castings which were taken from an original "Durs Egg" lock and fitted it with an adjustable sear. The trigger and trigger plate are filed out of solid stock, fitted with a bias spring and fire blued. The barrel is 42" long in 54 cal. It is rust blued. The butt plate and trigger guard were made up our of raw sand castings and the rest of the furniture was made by hand from solid stock using a file and hacksaw. The cheek rest has a silver north star inlay which in turn has an inlay of "tourmaline" set in gold. H.T.

Photography by Bob Fogt.

Ed Wilde Bag

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

David Dodds French Fowler

Photos by Robert Weil.

Antique Cane

The effigy head and shaft are all one piece of wood, and I believe the species is hickory. The effigy is a root burl. It is Iroquois made, and the age is a guess, 1750-1800. The eyes are glass beads. S.L.

Photo by Karen Abercrombie.

Checkered Grips

There is a dot inside each square.

No mistakes. Even spacing requires a steady hand and eye.