Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fred Threlfall Map

A Map Showing
the Campaigns and Routes of Communication
of England and French Forces
to secure Possession of the
Upper Ohio and Adjacent Territory's
North America 1753-1759

Jan and Rochelle Zender Scissor Case

Photos by Jan Riser.

Swamp Fox Touchmark

My father grew up it the South Carolina lowcountry. He was an avid hunter and swamp runner. Always having a keen interest in history, Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, was one of his heroes. Starting an antique business in the late 1970's, he used Swamp Fox Antiques as his store name. A friend of his had an early longrifle mounted in silver with an inlaid running fox as a cheekpiece decoration. He made a tracing of it and later used it on a store sign. The rifle later burned in a fire. I was at an antique gun show years ago and saw an 18th century English sword with the running fox logo, which I drew out on the back of a business card. The makers initials were inside of the foxes body. When trying to come up with a touchmark for my business, I used a similar fox with the initials TR inside the body of the fox, while using the name Swamp Fox Knives as my company name. My wife, Linda helped me register the trademark with the U.S. patent office, a long and drawn out ordeal. My logo has been stamped on countless knives over the years, and most people who see it now know it's the mark of a Swamp Fox Knife. T.R.

Photo by Jan Riser.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pete Hutton Horn and Bag

Photo by Chris Brownewell.

Kim Robinson Eyeglasses

Photos supplied by Kim Robinson.

T.C. Albert War Club

This was carved from a knotted branch from the maple tree out in the back yard. Its an Algonquin club, much like those they would have made and used on the very spot where the tree grew here across from LaSalles Fort St. Louis at Starved Rock on the Illinois river. T.C. Albert

Photos supplied by T.C. Albert

Friday, August 29, 2008

Menawa Knife by Charles Miller, Earl Lanning and Roger Anderson

The blade was made by Roger Anderson.

Earl Lanning built a gun that was his idea of what gunmaker John Bull could have made for Chief Menawa. This knife and sheath were made by Charles and Earl to accompany the gun.

Photos by J. Riser.

Brad Mills Bag

Photos supplied by G. Ganas

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eli Motsay Quilled Bag with Net Weaving by Eric Elias

Eli Motsay based this work on the Amherst bag that's now in the Chicago Field Museum. Eli quilled the bag and plaited the strap, but the central section of the strap was done by Eric Elias. The technique is called net weaving and is very difficult, only a few attempt it, he did a excellent job. Eli and Eric are from California. T.& T. Connin

Photo Supplied by Tim and Tom Connin.

Louis Smith

Photos by Jan Riser.