Thursday, August 18, 2022

J. David Gillespie, Stonecutter

Hand Carved Slate
Tombstones & Plaques,
Carved with Chisel and Mallet

Hand Drawn &
Hand Carved Letters

Drayton Hall: Charleston SC
Blue Black Welsh Slate
Rectangular with Angled Face

Raised panel center with Ogee Moulding.

Drayton Family Crest David carved from John Henry Drayton's original design he drew in an 18th century letter. 

Dr Carter Hudgins, left, President of Drayton Hall Preservation Trust, and David Gillespie, right, set the stone at Drayton along the Ashley River. 

Blue Black Slate

Honed Face

18th Century Lettering

April 2022

Hourglass with Wings

Installed in Northern Virginia

Detail of above stone, v cut lettering.

18th Century Lettering Style all drawn and carved by hand.

Copy and photos from Pumpkintown Primitives.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Rifle by William Reynolds

 Going to Kentucky for CLA show. Available

Photography supplied by Bill Reynolds.

Margie and Gordon Barlow

On the eve of the 26th anniversary of the CLA show at the Central Bank Center in Lexington KY this weekend, Margie and Gordon Barlow must announce they will not be attending.

On Sunday, Margie had a very bad fall injuring her pelvis, hip and shoulder. Margie is bed, recliner or wheel chair bound. TX goodness no broken bones but recovery is expected to be 4 to 6 weeks before walking. Margie's pain is under control except when moving and coughing.
If Margie had not fallen, Gordon's round with an infectious tick on Friday has left Gordon with all of the symptoms of Lymes syndrome including nausea, fever, joint pain and a very bad rash on both legs thus travel would not be wise. Good news Gordon got on doxocyline Sunday.
So we will both miss our CLA family and the show. We will enjoy the photos that Rachel, Katie, and others have promised from the show.
The show is open to members and families that can join at the show for $30.00 for first year membership.
Don't miss seeing 300 tables and booths of fine art from the longrifle culture and send photos via Facebook post..
Best to all, we will miss you!
Margie and Gordon

From Gordon's Facebook Page.


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

New Work by Art DeCamp


I am very much looking forward to the Contemporary Longrifle Association (CLA) show in Lexington, KY next weekend. I've been working hard the last few weeks in my temporary shop to get several horns and other items made for this important show. Here are some photos of all the stuff I have made that will be on my table for sale (mostly) at the show. Note that a few of the horns and loading blocks are already sold.
Hope to see lots of good friends and fine people there!

Copy and photography supplied by Art DeCamp

Hunting Pouch by Maryellen Pratt


Photos supplied by Ian Pratt.

Monday, August 15, 2022

The Sportsman’s box.

Tiny creation, 1:12 scale, coming to Lexington. 

Photography supplied by Elizabeth Gaul.

Pocketknife by Scott Summerville


Photography by Jan Riser.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

CLF 2022 Auction: Powder Horn and Strap by Henry and Dianna Bowman


The powder-horn is based upon the professionally-made 4th generation York County, Pennsylvania powder-horns of the very early 1800s. The characteristics found on this horn and common to 4th generation York’s horns, include concentric grooves at butt and spout, fruit wood butt (cherry in this horn) with rope carving and Greek key carving, and a removable turned horn screw tip (this one has the "beehive" style) that can be used as a filling funnel.

The incised engravings include truncated text from the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in handwriting script and clerk's (calligrapher's) title case in the style found in the same time period as the 4th generation York powder-horns. Atop the text is a flourish and below are a pair of crossed flintlock rifles.

The strap is inkle-loomed cotton. The pattern is loosely based upon colors and patterns of extant straps of the same timeframe. It is 47" long in the web with an additional 12" of fringe at each end.

Henry Bowman is a Journeyman Horner in the Honorable Company of Horners. Dianna, his wife, has been weaving on an inkle loom which she learned at the last Dixon's Gun Fair. Henry and Dianna appear at various shows and look forward to seeing everyone at this year's CLA show.

Henry and Dianna Bowman can be contacted via e-mail at:  hbowman@hughes.Net 

Text by Henry Bowman

Photography by David Wright

To see all the artists’ postings for the 2022 CLF Fundraising Auction go to: