Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kyle Willard Short Sword

Photographed at the 2015 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Brian Anderson After 'John Thompson Pistol' at Plymouth

A copy of the 'John Thompson pistol' at Plymouth
Done from old photos and a brass barrel blank cast by the 'armourer' at Plymouth over thirty years ago.
The rest is my work including boring the barrel
(the original is missing some lock parts, part of the forestock, and the belt hook - and is also slightly slimmer than my rendition)

Copy and photos supplied by Brian Anderson.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Booth Western Art Museum

George Catlin

Grant Wood

The Civil War Gallery contains work by Don Troiani and David Wright.

David Wright (1942- )
Forrest Comes Home
Oil on canvas

Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest had a simple military theory, "Get there first with the most me."  In support of this theory, Forrest and his cavalry visited his boyhood home in Chapel Hill, Tennessee throughout the war.  He made these trips home to visit with friends, attend BBQs ad recruit new troops.  The painting represents what might be a typical welcome home during the war.

Bradley Schmehl, (b. 1962 - )
Jackson and His Disciples, 2001
Oil on Canvas

Pictured here is General "Stonewall" jackson with the Rockbridge Artillery at North Bridge near Port Republic, Virginia on June 8, 1862, during the Battle of Cross Keys.  Jackson referred to the four artillery pieces as his "disciples" - Matthew, mark, Luke and John.

George Hallmark, (b. 1949 - )
San Xavier del Bac, 2009
Oil on Canvas

Texas native George Hallmark studied art at Texas Christian University and Brigham Young University.   The San Xavier church, built by Spanish missionaries and local Indian labor in the 1700s, still stands near Tuscon, Arizona.  Although in this painting, he added a "patina" to the building facade to emphasize its age, it is known as the "White dove of the Desert" because of its reflective whitewashed surface.

C.L. (Carrie) Ballantyne, (b. 1956 - )
Barak, Young Buckaroo, 200
Colored pencil

The term "buckaroo" is derived from the Spanish vaquero, meaning cowboy.  Buckaroos are identified by a distinctive style of dress and gear.  Carrie Ballantyne grew up in California loving horses and ranch life.  She now lives with her family in the ranch country near Sheridan, Wyoming.

Rountree Heading West Gallery

Eric Sloan

More information on the Booth Museum can be found here.