Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Angela Swedberg

Ca. 1790 - 1810 Metis/Ojibwa Quilled and Painted Capote.

The Capote is a original work, as all of them that I make are, based on Red River Metis/Western Ojibway aesthetics. It is made from smoked brain tanned deer hide, sinew sewn. The quillwork is also sinew sewn as well, on Brain tanned moose hide. The quill colors were a mixture of both natural and analine dyed quills. The paint is natural pigment paint, with hide glue as the binder, and painted on using willow stick stylists and bone "brushes". It is in the private collection of the well known North West Coast master carver, Duane Pasco. It even appeared in a carving of a totem pole he did, with the main figure on the pole wearing it. The poles name is Jay Hawker. A.S.

Photos supplied by Angela Swedberg.

Ken Gahagan Pocketknife with Original

Photos supplied by Ken Gahagan.

Calvin Tanner Haversack

Photos by Jan Riser.

Monday, September 29, 2008

James Blake Algonquin Tobacco Pouch

This fingerwoven pouch is a copy of a pouch in the Speyer collection (CMC) it is lined with cotton like the original. Its Algonquin and mid to late 18th century in origin. It measures 20x16cm. The original is in the (Arthur Speyer) collection housed in the Musuem of Civilization Ottawa.

More of James' work can be seen at his web site White Savage Trading.

Photos by Jan Riser.

Chuck Edwards

Photos supplied by Curt Lyles.

Bill Keeler Ax

More of Bills' work can be seen at his web site.

Photos by Jan Riser.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chris Barker Bag and Horn Set for Dennis Glazner

I made this pouch and horn set for North Carolina longrifle authority Dennis Glazner. Dennis is a descendant of the North Carolina Gillespie family of rifle makers, and he has written a book about them. The pouch is vegetable tanned leather dyed with aniline dyes and shoe polish. The button closure is pewter. The horn is an antique. The knife is a Prairie State Longrifle Show purchase. I made the pan brush out of a .357 Magnum case and some shoe brush hairs. Ed Wilde supplied the vent pick. C.B.

Photos supplied by Chris Barker.

Scott and Cathy Sibley Horn

Photos supplied by Scott Sibley.

Jeff Cline Bag

Photo supplied by Curt Lyles.

Brad Mills Pick and Brush Sets

Photo by Jan Riser.

Friday, September 26, 2008