Monday, February 28, 2011

Northwest Trade Gun for Scott Sibley by Ken Gahagan

Photos supplied by Ken Gahagan.

Round Ball Bag by Ron Scott

This  Bag is made to handle 62 cal round balls.  It is an accouterment for a Jaeger Rifle.  The Spout and Stopper are turned from Black and White Ebony, each have a fitted two degree taper for precision fit.  The Leather portion of the Bag is bark tanned Beaver  Tail.  The strap is braided leather, bound with waxed linen thread.  The Stopper attachment is Sterling Silver Chain.  Working with Exotic Materials is always fun!

Copy and photos supplied by Ron Scott.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Southern Mountain Rifle Attributed to Gordon Huddleston

This unsigned Southern Mountain longrifle is attributed to G. Huddleston. This rifle is stocked in oil finished curly maple and trimmed in hand forged iron furniture. The iron furniture, straight octagon barrel, and cosmetically altered large Siler lock are finished to a gray-brown patina. This a fine reproduction of tool from the mid 19th century.

The .50 caliber barrel is 15/16" octagon by 42" long. The bore is cut rifled with seven lands and grooves with a slow twist for a tightly patched round ball. The bore is bright and clean. The barrel is finished to a gray brown patina, with no glare, no shine.

The curly maple stock has attractive figure in the buttstock and fades to straight grain through the lock panels and forearm. The buttplate is formed from sheet stock that has been bent to shape and forged together at the heel. The lock panels have a rather unusual appearance found on some Appalachian rifles, which may look unusual compared to a Pennsylvania longrifle. Trigger reach is 13-3/4", to perfectly fit today's average size shooter. Weight is 9.1 pounds.

This rifle is fitted with a highly modified Siler flintlock. The lock plate is shaped with a early "banana" shaped lock plate. The lock plate is finished with a worn gray brown patina.

Copy and photos supplied by Track of the Wolf.

Manfred Schmitz Knife

I make this knife for a good friend of mine, an English guy who lives here in Germany and started reanactment of the 18th century. The knife is made from an old spring with pewter bolster and deer antler for the grip.  It´s hard to get the right shape of deer antler here in Germany.

Copy and photos by Manfred Schmitz.

2011 18th Century Artisan Show:Photos Tavern Night

Photos supplied by Eric Fleisher.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Butt Plate Reconstruction by John Ennis

This was a Steve Alexander/Lynton Mckenzie rifle. The owner wanted Ennis to skeletonize the butt plate because it was to slippery on the shoulder. Lynton engraved the comb extension on the butt plate. John pierced the butt plate, inlayed the wood into the piercing and made the small screws on the sides of the plate. He engraved it in suite to Mckenzies work. He also checkered the exposed wood in the cutout.

Photos by Jamie Ennis with supplied copy.

Christian Hayes Bowl and Spoon with James Blake Ladle

Photo supplied by James Blake.

Amanda Lipps Pottery

Photographed at the 2011 Lake Cumberland Mini CLA Show by Jan Riser.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mike Mills Pistol

Photographed at the 2011 Lake Cumberland CLA Show by Jan Riser.