Thursday, February 10, 2011

HCH Classified

The Honourable Company of Horners now has a classified section on their web site. HCH members post their antique and contemporary black powder items and related trade merchandise for sale.

The above two photos are of a collapsible Horn Cup by John Proud. It is a four section collapsible cup made after an original. It is 5&1/2 inches tall by 2 inches in diameter and collapses to 1&5/8 inches tall for storage.

This West Virginia Pouch and early style horn are based on an original and made from coarse brain tan. The body is lined with an old upholstery fabric and the flap is backed with deerskin. Fully welted seams. Bound inside lip. Long triangular flap with short fringed edges. Inside pocket sewn to back of body. 1” shoulder strap with buckle adjustment. Early-style horn with long, recessed throat. Poplar base plug with staple and ring for strap attachment. 12.5" around the curve by 2.5" across the base plug. Pouch and horn also available separately.

This horn made by Edwin McDilda was inspired by some Tansel horns. It is 16" outside curve has an applied tip. The base is cherry and is 2 3/4" in diameter and hollowed out inside it is right side carry and has a Federal eagle engraved on it. 

Copy and photos from The HCH Classifieds.

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