Sunday, February 20, 2011

Replica Feather Bonnet by Bill and Kathy Brewer

Historically accurate replica of feather bonnet of Indian Wars era (c. 1870's). Hand painted turkey feathers representing immature golden eagle feathers have buckskin thong-wrapped red wool tradecloth "firecrackers" with hand painted "spade" feathers above.  Feather tips decorated with ermine spots and orange dyed horsehair. Sinew sewn brain-tan buckskin cap has a cluster at crown of cut and stripped barred turkey wing feathers dyed teal blue, surmounted by the major plume, which is dyed red. Brow band is beaded with old time seed bead colors and is fringed along the top edge of the buckskin band. On each side of the brow band are two ermine tubes with buckskin thong-wrapped "firecrackers" at top with two sets of silk ribbon clusters dyed various colors. Bonnet is given an overall "aged" appearance.

Copy and photos supplied from here.

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