Thursday, December 31, 2009

Robert Albrecht Horn

Photos supplied by Robert Albrecht.

Calumet Type Pipe with Quilled Stem and Feather Fan by Ward Oles

Size: Bowl(2.45" h. x 2.5" l.)
Stem:(25 in.) OAL:(27.5")
Material: Catlinite,viburnum stem,porcupine quills,deer hair, vegetal fiber cordage
Date: c.1770
Attributed to: Unknown
Geographic distribution: NE United States
Sites: Harvard Peabody (Stem); University of Michigan/RMSC (bowl)

Photos supplied by Ward Oles.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Earl Lanning for T. J. Cooper

Signed on the barrel "E. Lanning for T. J. Cooper". I understand Mr. Cooper is dead now. Earl told me that he made the rifle probably around 1969. It is a close copy of a Lenoard Reedy rifle. It has a very early Ditchburn flintlock and a 42.25 inch long Bill Large barrel. It is .50 caliber and does not appear to ever have been fired.

Copy and photos supplied by Dennis Glazener.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lake Cumberland C.L.A. Mini Show 2010

This show was started in 1995 at the home of Mel Hankla as a show-and-tell at a “Hammer In” where multiple forges were set up for blacksmithing and teaching demonstrations. In 1998 it became the first C.L.A. Mini event with the goal to provide a learning atmosphere and to promote the mission of the Contemporary Longrifle Association. Each year it’s a “sell out” and boasts 50 tables of items, both for sale and on exhibit. It has a reputation of attracting makers and collectors of the finest traditional muzzleloading firearms, accouterments and other related objects, as well as grand original pieces, resulting in a priceless opportunity to study the old along with the new.

The show is at the picturesque Lake Cumberland State Resort Park at Jamestown, Kentucky. The view above is seen from all the reasonable priced guest rooms at the Lure Lodge, the great restaurant, and the gunroom. The rustic atmosphere provides a motivating environment for only the best of contemporary art and fine antique items pertaining to the Longrifle Culture.

The theme of this show is education and both artists and collectors bring out their best for display. There are fifty tables of traditional muzzleloading firearms, their accouterments and other related objects, all welcome, regardless when they were made.

This year’s guest speaker will be Dr. Jay Hopkins, noted historian and collector of southern powder horns. His collection will be on exhibit and he will speak at 4:00 o’clock Saturday afternoon. Larry Spisak; Morgan’s Glade will provide music throughout the week-end !

Show dates are February 6-8, 2009. Show set up starts: 10:00 A.M. Friday till noon Sunday, February 8th. Open 8:00 A.M. Saturday till 11:00 P.M. Friday and Saturday.
For more information contact Mel Hankla at or call 270-566-3370.

Copy and photos by Mel Hankla with additional photos provided Jan Riser from the 2009 Show.

Below are a couple of artist that attended the 2009 Show.

Rich and Jeanne McDonald

Shooting Bag made from bark tanned sheepskin. Hand stiched with linen thread. Lined with hemp, strap is hand woven from hemp and linen. Bag has been overdyed in walnut hull dye for an aged look. Bag measures 7 3/4" wide by 8 1/2" long. Bag features one inside pocket.

Hammer Poll Tomahawk: Curly maple handle measures 17" long. Head forged from carbon steel measures 2 5/8" across the cutting edge and 6 1/2" long. Edge cover made from bark tanned deerskin.

Copy and photos supplied by Rich and Jeanne McDonald at Long Knives and Leather.

Charlie Wallingford Knifes

INTEGRAL BOLSTER KNIFE-- integral bolster with a full tapered tang. Bone scales are held with two copper pins. One of the scales has a crack that has been repaired. The blade is 5 1/2 inches long. Overall length is 9 3/4 inches. A vegetable tanned leather sheath covered with bark tanned deer skin is included. the sheath is to worn under a belt or sash.

BELT KNIFE --5 1/4 inch blade forged from 1084 carbon steel with a full tapered tang, pewter bolster and curly satin wood scales. Overall length is 9 3/4 inches. A vegetable tanned leather sheath with a 2 3/4 inch belt loop is included.

BELT KNIFE-- a 5 1/4 inch blade with a crown antler handle, decorative pewter bolster, and an engraved sterling silver pommel. Overall length is ten inches. A vegetable tanned leather sheath with a 2 1/2 inch belt loop is included.

Copy and photos supplied by Charlie Wallingford at CW Knives.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Whale Tail J.P. Beck Rifle by Ron Luckenbill

This rifle can be best described as a documentary copy of the original. Fortunately, I had access to the original prior to and during the building process to assure that all details are correct.

The gun starts with a 47 ¼” octagon to round barrel custom built by Ed Rayl to the dimensions of the original barrel. This barrel, however, is 45 caliber rifled, the original being about 50 caliber smoothbore. The lock started as a Jim Chambers small Siler. It was extensively modified to reflect the look of the original lock, including conversion to a bridleless frizzen. The simple single trigger is square across the bottom, as was the original. The patchbox was hand built using the same hinge arrangement as the original. The opening mechanism, again, is exactly as on the original Back rifle. The engraving of the patchbox is a duplicate of Beck’s engraving. The hardware was cast by Reaves Goehring who used original Beck parts for the molds. The ram rod pipes are handmade to copy the originals. All of Beck’s original file work was used. The stock is a modestly curled piece of maple, as was used on the original. The carving of the stock is patterned from the original. The finish is of the same hue as the original down to areas of shading including vestiges of an earlier varnish finish.

This rifle duplicates the look and feel of the original and can be taken hunting or to the range. This long barreled rifle weighs in at a mere 7 ½ lbs.

Copy and photos supplied by Ron Luckenbill.