Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ron Scott European Hunting Bag

This Hunting Pouch is crafted of Sheepskin exterior, with a reddish Kidskin lining. The edgings and strap taps are the Kidskin as well. The hand crafted strap is wool. Brass buckle and hand made brass attachment rings. The painting on the pouch flap is a rendition of House Placard found in Portugal with a crest attributed to Charles Stuart. My wife Irene painted the flap. Exterior pockets on both the back and front of the Pouch.

Copy and photos supplied by Ron Scott.


  1. With all due respect, you never give any useful information, such as what period an item represents, is it a copy of an original or just someones interpretation? Without this information these images mean nothing to me, they are no use whatsoever.
    Le loup.

  2. If you read the Introduction statement for this blog our intent is to showcase contemporary makers. If we have information on a piece we post that information. If it is based on an original and we know that then we pass that information along.


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