Sunday, December 20, 2009

James Blake Matchcoat

This Matchcoat is copied from a original,  known as the Messiter Matchcoat(Ex -Charles Astin Messiter collection) it now resides in the National Musuem of Scotland. I had direct correspondence with NMS to obtain information and Images of this pieces along with a matching set of Leggings, and Breechclout. I was confused by the different information and deceptive images in known publications, so I decided to contact them myself and obtain the proper information. This piece measures 72"longX 54" wide.The base wool is Stroud Cloth,(or sometimes called Saved List Cloth) I also make stroud cloth so I was able to customize this piece. Its embellished with silk ribbon  and white glass beads, forming a chain link pattern, Along with Diamond and wedge designs, the edges are beaded with what is called a Fret Stitch Technique. I could not even begin to tell you how much time was invested into this piece after 45hrs I stopped keeping track of my time.

Copy and photo supplied by James Blake.

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