Sunday, July 31, 2016

Woven Strap by Pam Hutton

Photographed at the 2015 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

Horn Candle Container by Tim Sanner

A horn container with a tin candle cup turned into the lid to hold a beeswax candle.

Copy and photo supplied by Tim Sanner.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 CLF Auction Item: Private Cleavland Horn by Lee Cooper

Scrimshawed powder horns served as useful maps and as journals for the early frontiersman. Dated map horns assist us in picturing a person, place, and time in history.

Lee Cooper created this Private Cleavland commemorative horn. This is a fine map horn that is inspired by Private William Cleavland who was killed at Fort Laurens in a British led attack by a large Indian force during the Revolutionary War.

Fort Laurens was built in late 1778, and attacked in February of 1779. The Fort was attacked by British Colonel Henry Bird of the 8th Regiment of foot with a mixed force of Wyandotts, Mingos, Delawares, and Munsees. The seige lasted over a month until relief arrived from Fort Pitt. Over twenty colonials died at Fort Laurens.

If you do not know where Fort Laurens was you should buy the horn. The construction and engraving on this horn is superior. It is good that Cooper has signed and dated this nicely aged horn avoid future confusion.

The Ohio Historical Society has a nice, though small, museum at the site, you can visit their webpage at

Lee Cooper can be contacted by telephone at 740-622-5993.

Copy by Heinz Ahlers with photos supplied by CLF.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Maryellen Pratt Hunting Pouch with Antique Powder Horn

Bag is 6 inches tall x 6 inches wide
Constructed from heavy bark tan
No interior pocket
Adjustable strap with antique brass buckle
Antique horn is 10 inches on the outside curve
Old brass thimble repair on horn spout
Turned base plug on horn
Attached carved measure by Jeff Bottiger 
Ball block holds three 32 caliber balls
Old repurposed knife attached to rear of pouch
Knife handle is bone
Knife is 8.75 inches overall with a 5 inch blade

$275. Plus shipping

Contact for more information

Photos by Jan Riser.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 CLF Auction Item: Pipe Tomahawk by Paul Bigham

Few trade items were as important in the shrewd game of frontier diplomacy than the pipe tomahawk, and no European power was as successful in forging tribal alliances than France. Pipe hawks were gifted to favored chieftans and came to be a potent status symbol among tribal leaders. From trade negotiations to war councils, the pipe tomahawk was a vital tool for striking backcountry agreements.

This year's CLF fundraising auction will feature a fine example of an early French trade hawk crafted by artist Paul Bigham. A skilled rifle maker and bladesmith, Bigham has proved that exemplary craftsmanship can make surprising use of discarded materials. Starting with an antique wrought iron gun barrel, the artist hand-forged the blade of a classically styled pipe hawk before fitting it with a sharpened steel bit. The curly maple handle, finished with aqua fortis and hand-rubbed oil, is drilled and ready for smoking. The blade is further embellished with an engraved fleur-de-lis, a traditional Gallic motif drawn from the French royal coat of arms.

For Bigham's pipe tomahawk, it's a fitting symbol. The artist is based in Illinois, a locale first penetrated by French explorers in the 17th century. But even after the passage of several hundred years, CLA craftsmen like Paul Bigham ensure that the remarkable creative disciplines of a vanished culture will persist for future generations.

Paul Bigham can be contacted by email at

Copy by Heinz Ahlers with photos supplied by CLF.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Philadelphia Screw Tip Powder Horn by John Proud

A large Philadelphia screw tip horn, approximately 3&1/4 inch base diameter by 15 inches length on the outside curve. The base and spout plugs are English walnut supplied by the client as was the engraving design. The base band and spout collar are cast and turned pewter. The horn was treated with aqua fortis and heat, then rubbed down with a dilute solution of potassium permanganate.    

Copy and photos supplied by John Proud.