Sunday, July 10, 2016

2016 CLF Auction Item: Virginia Wall Cabinet by Gordon Barlow

Gordon Barlow has crafted this beautiful wall cabinet, inspired by the work of Johannes Spitler of Shenendoah Co, VA. Though Gordon humbly claims that he is "no Johannes Spitler," upon comparing his work here to those wall cabinets by Spitler of similar style, I would beg to differ. Gordon definitely knows his stuff.

Beautifully decorated with tasteful architecture, this wall cabinet is built of Virginia white pine lumber, and painted to taste with lots of hand rubbing. The two eagles were both painted on by hand. The piece is 30 inches wide, 37 inches tall, and 15 inches deep.

Carefully aged this piece would be a wonderful compliment to any wall, whether it is to hold spices in the kitchen, or tools and dies in the shop.

Gordon, one of the founding members of the CLA has constantly supported the organization for the last 20 years. Gordon is an accomplished craftsman in many areas, with obvious talent and skill, though he says that due to a allergies this may be his last painted piece. And your last chance to own a painted cabinet by on the the CLA's founding members.

Gordon may be reached via email at

(Note, although Gordon has a wonderful contemporary longrifle collection and many things he makes, sells or trade, he does not sell these cabinets).

Copy by Josh Crain with photos supplied by the CLF.

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