Thursday, August 11, 2022

CLF 2022 Auction: Powder Horn and Strap by Henry and Dianna Bowman


The powder-horn is based upon the professionally-made 4th generation York County, Pennsylvania powder-horns of the very early 1800s. The characteristics found on this horn and common to 4th generation York’s horns, include concentric grooves at butt and spout, fruit wood butt (cherry in this horn) with rope carving and Greek key carving, and a removable turned horn screw tip (this one has the "beehive" style) that can be used as a filling funnel.

The incised engravings include truncated text from the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in handwriting script and clerk's (calligrapher's) title case in the style found in the same time period as the 4th generation York powder-horns. Atop the text is a flourish and below are a pair of crossed flintlock rifles.

The strap is inkle-loomed cotton. The pattern is loosely based upon colors and patterns of extant straps of the same timeframe. It is 47" long in the web with an additional 12" of fringe at each end.

Henry Bowman is a Journeyman Horner in the Honorable Company of Horners. Dianna, his wife, has been weaving on an inkle loom which she learned at the last Dixon's Gun Fair. Henry and Dianna appear at various shows and look forward to seeing everyone at this year's CLA show.

Henry and Dianna Bowman can be contacted via e-mail at:  hbowman@hughes.Net 

Text by Henry Bowman

Photography by David Wright

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

CLF 2022 Auction: “Blue Stroud” – Original Oil Painting by Lon Brauer


Painted portraiture, particularly of historical subjects, lends itself to the flavor of Early Americana.  For this year’s CFL Fundraising Auction, contemporary artist Lon Brauer has created a beautiful original oil painting in the tradition of Gilbert Stuart, with a touch of Karl Bodmer, which will be a fine addition to any collection of American Art. This work is in a classical style of studio paintings common to the 18th and 19th centuries before the advent of photography. 

This original oil painting measures 20x16 and is presented in a beautiful black frame with gold piping. The subject is of a young white man who has been adopted and living with the Cherokee of 1760. On his person he carries a piece of blue Stroud, a type of broadcloth wool from the south of England.  Stroud was an item of trade with European fur companies and revered for its beauty and simplicity.

Lon Brauer is a figurative artist living and working in Granite City, Illinois. He has been a full time fine-art painter for the past 20 years with gallery showings throughout the country.  His work covers a wide range of subject matter but his new love is with the historical genre of the American past. 

For more information on the work of Lon Brauer, contact him directly: or at his web site:  

Text and Photography  by Lon Brauer

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Box by Steven Lalioff


Wallet by Barbara Blanton for Buford Blanton
More photos can been seen here.

Photography by Jan Riser.

Monday, August 8, 2022

CLF 2022 Auction: Dagger and Sheath by Daniel and Chelsey Casey


Custom knives always garner a good bit of interest at the CLF Fundraising Auction, and for this year’s event, artist Daniel Casey has donated a simply spectacular dagger. 

This hand forged dagger was made from braided steel cable and 1084 spring steel, which Casey put through the laborious process of melding into multi-layered Damascus steel. Measuring in with a 5 ½” long blade, this knife sports the contrasting color and texture only achieved with Damascus. The spiral carved handle, 4 ¾” long, was made from premium curly maple and given a rich patina with a traditional aqua fortis finish. Both the hand guard and the end cap are crafted from coin silver, and the hand guard has the additional decoration of four stamped hearts. 

This stellar blade is accompanied with a custom sheath created by Chelsey Casey. This heavy-duty, hand-sewn sheath, made from heavy weight vegetable tanned bull hide, will last for decades. 

For more information on the work of Daniel Casey, contact the artist directly:

See the artist’s website:

Text by Joshua Shepherd

Photography by David Wright

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Thursday, August 4, 2022

2022 The Gunmakers Fair at Kempton: Photos

Billy Griner Horns with Awards

Photos supplied by Billy Griner, Art Decamp and The Honourable Company of Horners' Facebook.