Thursday, August 18, 2022

J. David Gillespie, Stonecutter

Hand Carved Slate
Tombstones & Plaques,
Carved with Chisel and Mallet

Hand Drawn &
Hand Carved Letters

Drayton Hall: Charleston SC
Blue Black Welsh Slate
Rectangular with Angled Face

Raised panel center with Ogee Moulding.

Drayton Family Crest David carved from John Henry Drayton's original design he drew in an 18th century letter. 

Dr Carter Hudgins, left, President of Drayton Hall Preservation Trust, and David Gillespie, right, set the stone at Drayton along the Ashley River. 

Blue Black Slate

Honed Face

18th Century Lettering

April 2022

Hourglass with Wings

Installed in Northern Virginia

Detail of above stone, v cut lettering.

18th Century Lettering Style all drawn and carved by hand.

Copy and photos from Pumpkintown Primitives.

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  1. David is a Master Craftsman, very people try what he does, just a good guy to know,, fantastic detail.


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