Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Frank House Spike Tomahawk with Lally House Quillwork

The size and style suggest that this tomahawk was used by a longhunter for both utility use and self defense. The brain tanned quill wrapped strap adds a nice finish touch. Made in 2001.

Copy by Mike Mills. Photos by Jan Riser.

Chevron Garters by Sandra Hankla

14 inches long with 10 inch fringe. Warp face weave, chevron design of green, orange and dark orange wool.

Photo by Jan Riser.

Antique Horn Bowl

This is one of my favorite pieces. The horn is so amazing; half dark and the other half dark lines breaking into the golden color of the horn. Then dots on the underside. J.R.

Photos by Jan Riser.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Worcester County/New England Antique rifle

It is an exceptional flintlock rifle, unsigned, cherry half stock, N.E. brass detailing, 45 cal, original horn tipped ramrod with attached worm, eagle patch box and it has an early hook breech.

Can you help us identify the rifle or it's maker?

Based on shape and engraved details of the patchbox, plus around edges of lock bolt washers, the gun appears to have been made by Harding Slocomb of Worcester, Massachusetts. According to Sellers' "American Gunsmiths," Slocomb worked in Worcester between about 1818 and 1830, and then moved to Homer, New York, where he worked until about 1851. Shelby Gallien

MS Knife

Who's mark is MS?

It is believed that this knife was made by Max Soaper.

Several people thought that MS is Master Smith in the Knife makers' Guild, but there is no mark on the other side to indicate the makers name.

Bob Wiegand Accoutrements

Photo supplied by Bob Wiegand.

Carvings on Knives

Carving by Tim Ridge.

Carving by Cathy Sibley.

Carving by Tim Ridge.

Top photo by Robert Weil. Middle photo by Scott Sibley. Bottom Photo by Linda Ridge.