Monday, June 19, 2017

Wilderness Road Muzzleloaders Prize by Clinton Byers

This horn and bag set was created for the Wilderness Road Muzzleloaders and will be the first-place prize in their year-long shingle shoot. The bag is made from 2 oz. vegetable-tanned leather and is completely hand stitched. The leather was dyed with homemade harness dye and has been lightly distressed to give it a used look. Though not common to southern bags, this pouch is fully lined with linen and has a hanging pocket inside. The banded horn is of a Virginia/N Carolina style with a single band, applied horn tip, and a walnut base plug. The patch knife is homespun from an old saw blade and deer antler tine. 

For more information about the Wilderness Road Muzzleloaders and their shoot schedule visit their web site at:

Copy and photos supplied by Clinton Byers.

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  1. Very nice pouch and horn. Sure would like to win that. I might have to go down and shoot with those folks.