Monday, December 17, 2012

Ivory Grip Knife by David Crisalli

This started out as a much simpler large knife. It was supposed to be a 10 inch long O-1 plain blade with a simple brass guard and a hardwood grip with a plain brass ferrule on the front and a simple brass butt cap. The blade stayed as planned but the guard was embellished with a little engraving as a border.  Then the grip was turned from hippopotamus ivory instead of wood. Looking a little too plain, the grip was fluted. The plain brass ferrules originally planned gave way to turned wedding band decorated replacements which looked better with the more elaborate fluted ivory grip and the butt cap was engraved slightly as well. Wick Ellerbe did the heat treating of the blade for me. The metal parts of the completed knife were aged slightly with a brass darkening solution and the ivory grip with hot tea and vinegar.

Copy and photos supplied by David Crisalli.

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