Saturday, December 29, 2012

Great Lakes Headress circa 1790

Materials: Birchbark, satin, eagle feather/feathers, silver brooches, porcupine quills, pottery/ceramic bead/beads, horsehair, hide thong/babiche, cotton tape, wood, cotton thread, sinew, linen thread, dye/dyes, fur

Technique: Bent, stitched, wrapped, sewn, quill-wrapped (flat)

Dimensions: 39 x 36 cm

Collected between 1790 and 1795 by Major Andrew Foster (1768-1806, British Army officer) at Fort Miami or Fort Michilimackinac; inherited by his family; transferred to George Terasaki (New York art dealer) at an unknown date; acquired by MAI through an exchange with Terasaki in 1966.

Copy and image supplied by National Museum of the American Indian.

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