Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eric Fleisher Shot Pouch: 2013 Dixon's Best of Show

I recently had the opportunity to copy on original shot pouch owned by Roland Cadle. Roland feels this bag dates back to the French and Indian War Period. I did my best to accurately recreate this bag. The front flap and front panel of the double bag are red, hair-on calf skin. I used undyed goatskin to make the white double row of fringe. There are 3 different styles of stiching used. There is an internal knife sheath in the front panel. I made the rings for the strap and the buckles to attach the powder horn straps.  The position of the rings is interesting in that it is different from the rings on a European bag. The horn straps are attached below the rings which are positioned several inches above the bag. This allows the bag and horn to move as one unit.  I entered this bag in the accoutrement judging at Dixon's Gunmakers Fair this year and I was honored to win the Best of Show Ribbon. This was an interesting project to complete and I feel I helped preserve a small bit of history by copying this bag. Thank you to Roland for letting me borrow this piece.

Copy and images supplied by Eric Fleisher.

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