Monday, August 26, 2013

Best of Show: "A Repair" and "Jan in a Box" by Ken Gahagan

"A Repair" by Ken for Art who likes things broken and repaired.

Chip carving by Kenneth N. Gahagan, Ken's father
spring and consultation by David Parish

"Jan in a Box"



  1. Two very nice items for two very nice people!

    Mitch Cook

  2. Just a couple of small items for a couple that's done so much for all of us. Jan has made it her mission to have at least a few posts every day for the past 5 years and over 5000 posts! All of this with no reward other than knowing she's helping all of us by showing our work and entertaining all of us for years. I know their site is the first thing I visit in the morning and from talking to many others I know it is for them as well.Thanks also to Robert Weil for his contribution to the site. What a pleasure knowing all of them.