Monday, August 19, 2013

1728 French Infantry Musket by Yancey C. von Yeast

A model 1728 French Infantry Musket by Yancey von Yeast of Waterloo, Illinois.  This musket features an iron ramrod, introduced by the French Armories in 1741.  The furniture and lock parts for this musket were cast by the Rifle Shoppe and finished by the maker.  The stock is proper European walnut.  The .72 caliber barrel measures 46 3/4."  This musket was set up in the American style, omitting sling swivels.  The stock is profiled in the manner of muskets manufactured in Liege, as many of the early French military muskets that were sent to Canada andLouisiana were contract arms, made there for the French government. 

Copy and photos supplied by Yancey von Yeast.

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