Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lake Cumberland Show 2013: Photos

Gerald Neaves Display

This rifle is in the Dillon book. There will be additional photos of it on the blog in the future.

"Into the Wilderness"
Display by the Mills Family

John W. Hayes Display

John was interviewing Wallace Gusler while at the show.

leaving Lake Cumberland State Park
snow on the ground and the trees
clear roads

Photographed at the 2013 Lake Cumberland Show by Jan Riser.


  1. The pistol shown in the first picture of this post is illustrated in the 1998-2000 Track of the Wolf catalog (n. 14), where it is described as an early colonial pistol from North Carolina. Since the photograph was credited to James Whisker and printed alongside descriptions of Whisker's books, I wrote to Track years ago asking which of their books it was from, but they said it was unpublished. I am very glad to find another picture of it, and even the name of the current owner. I don't suppose you have any more pictures of it? Supposedly it has a serpentine sideplate, which I would be very interested in seeing.

    -Elnathan B.


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