Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3rd Annual West Coast Horn Fair

The 3rd Annual West Coast Horn Fair will now be three days starting Friday, April 26th through Sunday, April 28th at 4:00 PM. The show will be held this year at the Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club in Little Rock, WA.

Starting off the event will be an all afternoon hands on work time for horn engraving. Bring your project, supplies and tools, Steve Vance will be there to assist and guide you.

Saturday and Sunday will feature a series of workshop live demonstrations on about every phase of horn making. From the basics of horn selection and initial steps, on up to turning rings for banded horns, and turning tips for Applied and Screw Tip Horns. There will be a session on applying leather ends to woven horn straps.

Raffle Prizes:
This Scott Sibley Banded Horn is one of the raffle prizes.

Saturday night we will have our banquet and awarding of prizes. Speaking of prizes, should anyone want to support our efforts with the donation of a raffle prize, it would be most appreciated. We already have a few on the shelf, but we need more to fund the 2014 event. To buy tickets go here. Or you can mail a check to:
Linda Shorb
PO Box 1922
Morro Bay CA 93443-1922

We will send you your half of the ticket stub.

Horn Oven Traveling Trophy:

A special raffle will be held on Saturday evening and it is only for those attending the WCHF.  The David Rase Traveling Trophy Horn Oven will find a new home for the coming year.  Everyone attending gets one free raffle ticket.  More tickets can be purchased (limit 5 for $2.00 each)

Horn Judging:
There is going to be horn judging in three different categories. Plainpowder horns; engraved powder horns and non powder horn item made out of horn. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons and first and second place prizes. First place prize is a woven horn strap by the Weaving Welshman and second place prize is a polished cow horn from Powder Horns and More.

Again this year, starting off each day's events will be a blowing horn serenade, so bring your blowing horns to join in and welcome people to class.

Cost Includes Meals:
The charge this year for the horn fair is going to be $55.00 and that includes event registration, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and banquet, and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

Check the event website for further details: West Coast Horn Fair It will be updated continually to reflect the current status.

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