Sunday, February 10, 2013

Doglock Pistol

A very good and extremely rare early Colonial Period mid-17th Century English Doglock “Long” Holster Pistol, ca. 1650. In overall fine original flintlock/Doglock configuration. The octagonal-to-round, long, 12”, iron, pin-fastened, smoothbore, .70 caliber, barrel with two, illegible, early London, pre-1688 proof marks, on the left side of the breech and another cryptic (Broad Arrow?) marking on the breech-top. Early type barrel with the tang-screw emanating from forward of the trigger; and made with a wedding-band transition. Molded and simply carved, robust, military type, hardwood (walnut?) fullstock of classic Dutch-inspired, 17th century early English design. Deeply fluted forestock and adorned simple raised carvings around lock and sidebolts: a raised apron, at the barrel tang. Early, English-type, military-style, plain, sheet-steel mounts (Please see H. L. Blackmore’s: “British Military Firearms 1650-1850”, page 34). The trigger-guard with a simple screw-fastened forward finial, a nailed real finial and an early plain bow. A single (1) barrel-type ramrod pipe, two iron sidebolts – without escutcheons, of classic late 17th century design; and the short stirrup-type butt-cap with rounded terminals and a screw-type pommel. Classic mid-17th century English Doglock mechanism with a flat lockplate, its original early type reinforced hammer – the rear with its notch “catch” for the Dog-catch, a bridle-less powder-pan and a rectangular top fizzen. In mechanically functional order with a strong mainspring and a fine timing: complete with its original safety catch. In overall very good Doglock condition. The barrel with smooth steel-gray surface, visible proof marks and scattered light pitting overall. Very good lock with matching steel-gray surfaces and its original components. The stock with some expected light scattered handling marks, signs of military use, tight hairlines, wear to its highpoints, 75% finish, a minor old repair – on the bottom edge of the lock mortise, small gouges and abrasions. Replaced? Plain wooden ramrod. A fine example of a rarely seen Early Colonial Period English Doglock “Long” Holster Pistol, ca. 1650. The type of pistol often carried by wealthier Colonial settlers in New England & the Mid-Atlantic Region. Overall length, 19 1/4”. For a similar example, please see Claude Blair’s: “Pistols of the World”, M.L. Brown’s: “Firearms in Colonial America: 1492-1792” and H.L. Peterson’s: “Arms and Armor in Colonial America”.

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