Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tansel Powder Horn by Larry Gotkin

An original Tansel horn nicknamed “Buckskinner”, was auctioned at Cowan’s Auctions last year. 

Larry Gotkin only had pictures of an original horn and was able to create a semi-reproduction that was very pleasing to his  client.  The client realized that creating a copy was impossible.

Finding a good horn was difficult.  Powderhorns and More supplied the horn. The shape of the horn is not perfect but Larry felt that the feel and style of the horn was very good.

The original horn is 16″ length. It is engraved with the Eagle clutching arrows and sheaths of wheat, E. Pluribus Unum in a banner above the eagle, a hunter (i.e. the “Buckskinner”) hunting deer.
It has a nice serpent’s mouth (fish mouth) with the teeth carved protruding on to the spout. This particular horn has been nicknamed the “Buckskinner’s powder horn.” It is interesting because it has a screw top, wood base with iron loop and another iron loop near the spout. One large brass tack has been in the base of the horn for a long time, it has a beautiful dark brown halo around it.

It took a lot of work, and several re-scrapings before Larry got “into” the drawing style.  The original is dated 1790 just below the eagle’s tail, which he included as well, but Larry also signed and  dated the horn and added his logo.

This is an interesting example of contemporary workmanship done in the style of an original horn.

Photo of original Tansel horn from Cowan's Auction. Copy and photos supplied by Linda Shorb at her blog, Powderhorns and Powderhorns and More. More of Larry's work can be seen at Larry Gotkin.

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